Cesar Millan is a self-taught dog trainer. The man earned huge recognition from his TV series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan which was broadcasted in many countries around the world. The man with skills also bagged fame by publishing books and by founding Dog Psychology Center. He landed on Earth on August 27, 1969. He was named Cesar Millan Favela at the time of his birth. He comes from Mexican nationality and holds a American citizenship. He spent his childhood days in his grandfather’s farm and he was interested in dogs since childhood. He entered US illegally when he was 21 years old and did not know how to speak English.

Entering his career journey, he entered into his professional life after entering US by working at a dog store. After working for some years, he opened the Pacific Point Canine Academy. He was helped greatly by Jada Pinket Smith who provided with an English tutor as well. The hard working man continued his efforts and founded the Dog Psychology Cenetr in South Los Angeles. He gained more fame day by day and in the year 2002, he started working with the MPH Entertainment, Inc. through the series Dog Whisperer. The show was first telecasted on September 14, 2004 on the National geographic Chanel and then it was shown on the Nat Geo Wild. The show was praised by many people of the world and it was broadcasted in more than eighty countries. The program dealt with topics like how the owners need to treat their dogs and how they can train their dogs. The last episode was shown in 2012.

Ceaser is a writer as well and in 2009 he launched a magazine titled Ceaser’s Way in Canada and the USA. The magazine achieved huge success and became the number one selling dog magazine. He has published many books and his books have succeeded in becoming the New York Times Best sellers. He has also worked on the documentary Leader of the Pack. He is working on his new series Cesar 911 which was premiered on the Nat geo Wild.

Digging into his personal life, he was married to Ilusion Millan in 1994. The couple was blessed with 2 children Andre Millan in 1995 and Calvin Millan in 2001. However, things did not go well and the couple got separated on April 21, 2012. He had to give a high compensation during his divorce. He was ordered to pay a $400,000 for his divorce and $33,000 monthly to his wife for the children’s support. There were rumors that his wife divorced him as he was a gay. However, no news has been out that verifies the rumors. This certainly must not be true as he is a very determined and laborious man who has always thought about the welfare of mankind and has been so positive in his life. The rumors are also proved false by the fact that he has a girlfriend and her name is Jahira Dar. According to the celebs stats of 2014, he has made an estimated net worth of $45 million and he makes $170,000 a month. The man with appealing personality stands to a height of five feet five inches.

Millan is a very hard working and talented person. He is an inspiration to the world that everything is possible through hard work. He has shown the world that dogs are the one of the most beautiful creations of God and can be best friends of humans. His detailed bio can be found on many sites on the internet. His followers can visit his personal website for more information. His personal sites also contain various useful stuffs for dog lovers and his books can also be bought online. He can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook for his daily updates.