Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is one of the best actor who give his best and incredible performance in Hollywood. This famous artist was born on Sep 27, 1950. His birth sign is Libra. He was born in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. His born name is Cary Tagawa. His mother was also a Japanese actress. He may inspire by his mother and made a career in film industries. His father was a U.S soldier. He was born in Japan but he spends most of the life in America. They were now living in Southern California. So, he is Japanese-American actor. He is one of the experience actor. He helps to broad Japanese cinema to the world.

The most talented actor Cary-Hiroyuki is also very handsome guy by his personality profile. He has good height of 5 ft 10.5 inch (179 cm) tall. He is a typical guy and mostly wears typical dress. He has black color eye. He is strongly built up. He married to Japanese girl Sally Tagawa. He can speak both American and Japanese accent. He also can speak Spain and Korean language. His ethnicity is Asian American. He is of red complexion. His has also interest in sports. He is good at martial arts. Except this, he is also a good physiologist. He is also a good producer.

He had play in many American and Japanese movies which helps him to award by many trophies. His first experiences in film industry are when he joined Duarte High School. Because of his hard work and patient toward work, he is able to make his career in Japanese and American cinema. He shows his appearances in many film, television and games. His some of the best film are:

*Pearl Harbor released in 2001

*Planets of apes released in 2001

*Elektra released in 2005

*Faith of my Fathers released in 2005

*Memoirs of Geisha released in 2005

*The Slanted Screen released in 2006

*Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo in 2006

*Johnny Kapahala: Back on board released in 2007

*Balls of Fury in 2001

*Ghost Voyage released in 2008

*Bodyguard: A new beginning in 2008

*Hachiko: A Dog Story in 2009

*Tekken in 2009

*Black Cobra in 2012

*47 Ronin in 2013

*Takken 2: Kazuya’s Revenge in 2014

*The Man with the Iron Fist: Sting of the Scorpion in 2014

*Beyond the game in 2014

*Little Boy in 2015

*Skin Trade in 2015


He also plays in many television episodes. Some of his best television appearances are:

*Heroes released in 2007

*Beyond the break released in2009

*Hawaii Five-0 released in 2010

*Revenge released in 2012\2013

*Mortal Kombat: Legacy released in 2013

*Teen Wolf released in 2014

He has also shown his appearances on video games also.  People love his incredible and negative role in film and games. His appearances on video games are:

*Soldier boyz released in the date 1997, in which he plays the role of Vinh Moc.

*Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu which is released in 2013, in which he plays the main role of Sin Tzu. He also provides his voice appearances on this game. In this game, he played the role of Earth alliance security officer. He is in negative role in this game.

His amazing talent is so respectful. His own abilities and self skills take him to the top of the Hollywood and Japanese movies. His contribution on Japanese cinema and American cinema is unforgettable. The determination of years has made him stand in the social and economic position, he is today. He stands as a role inspiration to those people who seek the light of success through dedication and determination. He can able to earn lots of dollars from the film industries. His net worth has not been published yet. We can follow him in twitter and other networking sites also.