Campbell Brown is a very notable international writer and former American TV news editor and anchor. Campbell Brown was born on June 14, 1968 in Ferriday, Louisiana, united state in an elite family. Her full name is Alma Dale Campbell Brown which is named after her grandmother’s name. She received her early education in Trinity Episcopal day school in Louisiana where she was brought up along with her two sisters according to catholic norms and values. For two years she had joined Louisiana state university but later on she completed her graduation from Regis University and soon after she completed her graduation shortly she worked as a teacher.

At the  initial stage of her career though, she started as a local news reporter for KSNT-TV but later on in 1996 she was affiliated to an NBC channel where she made her way as white house correspondent for NBC news channel. Brown was also appointed to pentagon to handle war report in Kosovo. Brown has successfully presented a wide range of events occurring all around the world. Writing has been also the ruling passion in her life as she has written for many internationally acclaimed newspapers like wall street journal, the new York times, the daily beast. While working on the NBC team she made very remarkable achievement in her career by winning emmy awards for reporting on consequences of hurricane Katrina in general public. She has covered the report of hurricane Katrina very impressively and made the general public aware about the consequences of hurricane eventually she was honored by the prestigious Emmy award. Indeed all her success is the outcome of her enthusiasm and simultaneous effort made throughout life.

The award winning broadcast journalist served for 11 years at NBC channel working as white house correspondent afterwards she moved to CNN. When Brown joined CNN news channel she was assigned to cover the presidential election in 2000. At the time of presidential election she presented the story of the election campaign. She covered former US president  George w. Bush as well as Republican National conference eventually she succeeded in becoming first choice anchor on the NBC nightly news show by substituting Brian William.

Again in 2008 when Brown was given responsibility to highlight critical issues of the presidential campaign at that time she held a very controversial interview with Tucker bound, a  representative for Republican presidential candidate. There was some controversy over her questioning of Tucker Bound. As a matter of fact Brown attempt to discuss some of the very crucial subject matter concerning vice- presidential candidate. In fact it was a very paradoxical decision of Senator McCain to select Sarah Palin as vice presidential candidate. Senator McCain had stated that he had wanted a very experienced candidate as vice president who could handle and deal with foreign policy issues and decision very effectively but it was open secret that Paling was not that efficient candidate for that post. Later Brown was accused of spreading propaganda against Republicans. Brown departed from CNN on May 18, 2010. After her departure she expressed that inadequate and low rating was a basic cause for leaving CNN.

Campbell Brown married twice her present husband is Dan Senor. Though she was raised in accordance with Christian values and norms but after getting married she changed to Judaism which was her husband’s faith. Apart from being a successful journalist she is also an active member of many human welfare organizations.  Brown is a board member of an international woman media foundation, Jewish community project. She has also contributed a lot in the education sector by writing and publishing vital informative educational articles in different international newspapers.

Campbell brown is voluntarily serving many other non-profit organizations. Since being highly qualified and educated woman, she is well alert about the importance of education. Hence she is also speaking about conditioned emotional response in child learning ambience.  Beautiful and charming lady, Campbell brown have two sons Eli James senor and Asher Liam Senor . She resides in Newyork  with her two sons and husband.  Her basic concern is woman’s right and  she also advocates for the well fare of all human beings across the globe. Because of her loyalty towards her profession, today she has managed to put herself in this position. She is very pioneering personality.