Cameron Richardson is an American actress, who was born on 11th of September, 1979. She was born in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Although she was born in Louisiana she grew up in New Jersey. She did her graduation from Old Bridge High School which is situated in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey. Later she moved to New York City in order to carry on her modeling career.

She started her career from her modeling career where she first modeled for Interview, Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle and other fashion magazines as well. In the year she got the chance to be in the cover of Ocean Drive. After that she was the cover model of the Women’s Health Magazine which was the issue of January-February in the year of 2008. She did her modeling for other clothing brands like GAP, American Eagle Outfitters, Chic Jeans, Lucky Brand Jeans and Roxy. She then advertised for Dasani bottle water which is an associate from the Coca Cola Company.

Cameron Richardson featured in the advertising campaign for the Carl’s Jr./ Hardee. The advertisement was telecasted in the year of 2004. She then started her acting career when she featured on the House which was broadcasted in the FOX television. She appeared in the episode Skin Deep of the television show. She did the role of a 15 year old supermodel, Alex. She did the role as she was also a model before she entered into the acting profession. She is widely known for the role of Paula Hargrove in the series of Point Pleasant which is telecasted in FOX television. The show was telecasted in the year of 2005. The hot actress and former model is also featured on the HBO television show titled Entourage in the episode Strange Days. She played the role of a waitress along with the episode character Vincent Chase. In the year of 2009 she regularly appeared on Harper’s Island. The show is about a murder mystery. She is described as a flirt for her character, Chloe. She also appeared in the episode of the CSI Las Vegas which was titled Malice in Wonderland. The show was featured in the year 2012.

Cameron Richardson has got an amazing body and is admired by many fashion critics as well as the audience. She has got a height of 5 ft and 8 inches making her a great model look. Going on with her other body features, she has got brown eyes. Her brown eyes is appealing to the audiences and other fashion commentator. She has got blonde hair and got the dress size of 4. She has got an amazing body shape with her breast size of 34inches, her waist of 24 inches and her hips size of 34 inches. She has bra cup size of 34B. She has got her own relationship status while she dated Mike Einziger who is a guitarist of Incubus. She did a music video of the alternative band, Incubus called Are You In?? She currently lives in Los Angeles. She was also ranked as the 76th most Sexiest Women In The World which was surveyed by the Stuff Magazine and was also given the 52nd spot on the Maxim magazine. She then appeared as she modeled for the cover of the Hot 100 supplement. She did not have any appearance till the year 2009 after she was ranked in the 76th position. In the year of 2011 during the month of March she was photographed at the opening ceremony of the Odd Molly flagship store. The photograph revealed her swollen tummy which clearly showed her being pregnant. In late 2010 she gave a birth to a baby and named him Milo.