Cameron Bright whose birthname is Cameron Douglas Crigger is an Canadian actor who is known mainly for his roles in some movies like the all four installments of Twilight, X-Men: The Last Stand, Thank You for Smoking and many other renowned films as well. He was born on the 26th of January in the year of 1993. He was born in Victoria, British Columbia. His father’s name was Kaje Crigger while his mother’s is Anne Bright. He got his middle name Douglas from his maternal grandfather.

He made his first step in his career when he was appointed for the commercial appearance in the Telus. This was considered to be his first act job. Later he was soon featured as a guest appearance in the series of Higher Ground which used to be telecasted in the television. He then got to appear in many other television shows and series for some minor roles. He was then given the recognition from his name as Cameron Crigger for his roles. He was credited for the role in the television movie which was telecasted in the year 2000 titled The Christmas Secret which was also the episode of the Night Visions. He did a supporting role in The Butterfly Effect while his first role was seen in the movie Godsend which was released in the year of 2004 during the month of April. The movie also starred Robert De Niro and was categorized as a horror movie. He then played the role of a ten year old in the movie Birth. He played the role as an incarnation of a woman’s dead husband, this movie made the audiences and the viewers to gain attention. The movie had some scene where he was seen naked and also had bathtub role with Nicole Kidman which was a complete fake scene. Those scenes were never filmed together which was not first acknowledged to the viewers and the public.

He was then casted in several other movies which were associated to the Hollywood. The movies were all released in the year 2006 which included Thank You for Smoking, Ultraviolet and also Running Scared which fell in the genre of action thriller. He got the chance to appear in the X-Men: The Last Stand. He played the role of a mutant as Leech. The mutant was shown as the one possessing the mutant antibody. He then featured in an episode of The 4400 which was titled The Wrath of Graham where he portrayed Graham Holt who is a high school student. The student is shown developing some unnatural ability after he injects himself with Promicin. He also did the role for the host for the cure of humanity in some couple of movies. Bright played the role of Alec, a Volturi vampire in the twilight series. He was shown as the twin brother to Jane, another vampire which is played by Dakota Fanning. He featured in all the franchise of the movie, New Moon which was released in the year 2009, Eclipse which got released in 2010, Breaking Dawn Part I and Breaking Dawn Part II in the year of 2012.

His some currently acted movies include Flood plan where he played as Duncan and in Final Girl where he represented Shane. The both movies was released in the year of 2013. Some of his acts in the television series begin from the year of 2000. He only did an episode in Higher Ground where he played the role of Young Peter. The Christmas secret was also one of the shows where he did the role of Young Peter. The show was categorized as television movie. He is currently featured in Motive where he plays as Manny Flynn. He is casted as the lead role