We finally found this year’s American Idol in Maddie Poppe and that’s not all, we found something even more interesting.

During the final 15 minutes, we found out that the top 2 finalists, Caleb and Maddie were dating as they got ready to perform.

Caleb revealed it when Ryan Seacrest asked the significance of the song they were going to perform.

According to him, he and Maddie first met at the beginning of Hollywood Week. Ryan then said that the couple is being sent on a trip to Hawaii after the show’s end.

Later, Poppe was revealed as the American Idol and performed ‘ e’ through tears.

The official American Idol Twitter page even posted a GIF of the couple holding hands with the caption, Relationship Goals.

One fan even said that ‘American Idol’ just became The Hunger Games, while the others think that they would look good together.