Bryant Charles Gumbel is an sportscaster and a television journalist too. He was born on september 29, 1948 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His father was a judge, Richard Dunbar Gumbel and his mother, Rhea Alice was a city clerk. He had graduated from De La Salle Institute in Chicago where he attended. He was residing at the south of the city when he graduated. He is top known as co-host of The Today’s Show which is broadcasted in the NBC. He co-hosted the show for 15 years. In 1970, at the age of 22 he graduated from the Bates College as well. His whole career life was connected with journalism and anchoring the program. He then became the editor of the Black Sports Magazine. He started off his tv life in 1972 during October. At that time he was made the sportscaster for KNBC-TV which used to be aired in LA.

NBC Sports hired Gumbel at the end of 1975 where he was the co-host of the National Football League pre-game show and Grandstand which was hosted by Jack Buck. He had hosted numerous sports coverage as well as the sportscasting. He then hosted the coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympics which was held in Seoul including the PGA tour in 1990. He had a different ways of hosting and presenting the gameplay which would enhance the interest of the people watching the game. He was then allied with Today where he served as the Chief Sports Reporter, where he would feature himself and the program twice in a week. Grumbel was a straight person like he used to present himself while anchoring. He and Pauley had a bit of challenge among themselves in the first beginning 2 years. In 1983 Pauley departed from Good Morning America, which Pauley and Grumbel used to host. This resulted in the downfall of the Today ratings. Feb 1984, when Pauley returned , she and Grumbel began to work as a team which made a positive effect on the ratings of Today.gumbel wrote a memo to the Today’s executive producer which mentioned about Willard Scott’s monopoly of the assortment of his wishes, birthday and a bad taste. It displayed the strong management power which Gumbel posessed.  He also had hosted a show HBO. The investigative series was named Reak Sports with Bryant Gumbel. The show was regarded as the best television sports program. CBS also approved him as the host of Public Eye which was broadcasted from 1997-1998. Later the show was cancelled and there was only one season that had been aired.  There had also been a incident related to boy scout when he interviewed Robert Knight. He used some cursing words right after he had finished the interview. There were some controversial explanation concerning Gumbel as well. He made a statement in the Winter Olympics saying there  was a lack of participation of African-American. This was the incident in 2006 february.

He got married to June. He used to raise his two children and his wife. They used to live in Waccabuc, New York City which was located in te northern part of the country. He got divorced to Hilary Quinlan. His marriage life had not been so successful as he had gone through a divorce. There was a sign of cancer when hed had his body checked and had some health issues too. Gumbel needed to undergo a malignant tumor surgery. The tumour was removed which was near to his lung.

Bryant Gumbel has had a lot of experience in his life related to newscast and journalism which has broadened up the willingness power of other journalists as well. His bio can be found up in wiki where lot other informations are provided as well.