The charming and funny Brooke Elliott is an American actress sum singer. She is mostly known for her role as Jane Bingum on the television series Drop Dead Diva. She had started performing on the fantasy comedy show in 2009 and the show is on its fifth season. The soundtracks of the series are also voiced by her. Born on November 16, 1974 in Fridley’ Minnesota she spent her childhood at different places. She travelled to Blaine, Minnesota, to Missouri, Oklahoma and also Illinois before settling down in Riverview, Michigan. Her parents Robert Elliott, a city manager and Kathleen Elliot have reported that they heard her singing since she was three years old. Brooke enjoyed her childhood with her sister Jamie Alexander and brother Adam. Graduating from Gabriel Richard Catholic High School she attended Western Michigan University and received her Bachelor’s degree of Fie Arts. She specialized in musical performances.

Brooke had always borne that passion for music and acting. She used to participate in dramas while st school as well as college. She took acting classes from Bob Krakower and voice from Jane Grace Kennedy after graduation and began to chase her dream. She had a difficult time working as a waitress in the restaurant before she got chances in acting. She commenced her career from theatre namely Babes with Blades in Chicago. As a member she performed in dramas ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’, ‘The Miracle Worker’ and ‘Heather’. And her role of the sugar Bowl in the Beauty and Beast’s tour marked the beginning of her professional career. She also appeared on famous musicals Wicked, Taboo and Pirate Queen. The romantic comedy What Women Want was her first film. Then she got a role in short lived drama Law & Order: Trial by Jury in 2006. All her impressive work as well as her unorthodox size made her perfect for the lead role of a self-obsessed blonde model Jane Bingum on the Lifetime’s fantasy comedy Drop Dead Diva. The show starting in 2009, has become a great hit continuing its fifth season. She has also appeared on American Idol.

Brooke is not amongst the conventional beauty in the industry. But she possesses the charisma in her appearance and extra-weight which makes her the best choice for the kind of role she is in. In fact she is proud of her body as says she represents most of the women in America and doesn’t want to look skinny. She appears on such clothes which suits her size, hiding the flaws and exposing the best. Her dress size is quite larger and designer has to do a lot to design clothes for her. She has got a decent height of five feet and four inches.

Brooke is thirty eight years of age. She is still single, she hasn’t married yet. She likes to live a low profile life. She may have a boyfriend and may be dating with him. She might in search of her Mr. Right. She would love to have loving husband with whom she could see her life go happily. She also supports equal rights to gay.

Brooke always had that will power and faith in herself; this has made her successful today. She had done splendid work in the industry. She has proved that acting is not only about glamour and show off. It’s more about skills and ability. She has become exemplary and source of inspiration for many people to get focused on their dream not bothering about what will happen. She has many fans who admire her inner beauty. She has become popular in United States. She has lots of people following her. Her fans can find her bio and biography from different websites including wiki which provides details of her filmography.