Marc Spelmann is a mentalist and magician, best known for his performance in the talent show, Britain’s Got Talent.

He was born in London, England, in 1976 to parents, Stanislaw and Valerie.

Marc studied art, design, and illustration at the Barnet and Southgate College in Barnet, London.

After serving his apprenticeship in 1990, he started his pro-career in 1994 by teaching himself the tricks of the trade.

Over the course of his career, he has performed in front of celebrities like Eric Clapton, George Michael and HRH Prince Charles among more.

Marc released his first 4 DVD set, The Chapters of Marc Spelmann, with some help from Alakazam Magic.

In 2006, Marc and Peter Nardi created Inner Mind Productions, a resource for magicians and mentalists around the world.

Throughout his career, he has been featured in The Express Newspaper, The London Evening Standard, The Stage and GQ magazine.

Marc is married to Tessa Steven and shares a beautiful daughter, Isabella, with her.

According to his performance on April 14, 2018, Marc and Tessa had tried to have a child for five years before turning to IVF.

During this time, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, she beat the illness, thanks to chemotherapy and welcomed their daughter to this world.

Fun Fact: 

He is the first contestant to receive the golden buzzer in this season of ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’

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Best wishes to the magician to take home the prize to his daughter!!