Brit Hume is a television correspondent specializing in politics. He was born on 22 June, 1943 in Washington D.C. He is currently associated with Fox New Channel (FNC) and is serving as a senior analyst regarding politics.Hume’s birth name is Alexander Britton Hume. His father name is George Graham and mother name is Virginia Powell. He attended St. Albans school. He went to university of Virginia at Charlottesville, Virginia and graduated on 1965 with B.A. in English.

Hume first stepped into journalism by working in The Hartford Times. After a while he joined United Press International and also Baltimore Evening Sun. In 1970 he was employed by Jack Anderson and while Hume was working for Anderson, he wrote a report titled Washing Merry-Go-Round for a column which was about former president Richard Nixon and for which Anderson exposed some documents for proof which were classified, later Anderson, his staff along with Hume and his family were kept into close observation by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) for few months.

On 1973 Hume joined ABC news and was appointed as a consultant in the start. After three years in 1976 he was promoted as a correspondent for the U.S. House Of representatives. He also covered Walter Mondale’s 1984 campaign for presidency and George H.W. Bush presidential campaign of 1988. In 1989 he was again promoted as the head correspondent for white house during which he reported about President George H.W. Bush administration, Bill Clinton and had a chance to work along Charlie Gibson and Peter Jennings.

Hume left ABC on January 1997 in order to join FNC. He began hosting Special Report with Brit Hume on January 1998. He announced that he would be retiring as an anchor on 16 December, 2008 in The O'Reilly Factor where he appeared as a guest but he remained as the senior analyst of politics and the member for the panel of Fox News Sunday. December 23, 2008 was the last time he as seen anchoring. Special report was later hosted by Bret Baier.

Hume won an Emmy award in 1991 for his coverage of the gulf war and Sol Taishoff award in 2003.

During 2007 there were rumors about Hume and Megyn Kelly love affair which was false. 

Hume was married to Clare Jacobs Stoner but later they got divorce. His current wife is Kim Schiller who is the vice president of Fox News. He had three children Sandy Hume, Virginia Hume and Louis Hume but in 1998 his son Sandy who was a reporter for a newspaper committed suicide by shooting himself with a rifle gun. 

 Hume’s fan can follow him via his official twitter account. His biography can be obtained from wiki and FNC official webpage. His annual salary is $2000000.