The very gorgeous and stunning personality endowed with natural acting skills is Bridget Regan who happens to be one of the leading theatre, film & television actresses of America. The stunning actress is widely recognized for her astonishing performance as Kahlan Amnell in the TV series Legend of the Seeker. She was born on 3rd February 1982 in San Diego Country in California. She belong American nationality & is categorized to Irish American & Catholic ancestors. The gorgeous diva has appeared in several of movies and shows of television since 2006. Some of her film venture includes the name such as Blinders, The Wedding Album, The babysitters, Supreme Courtship & sex and the city. Additionally she has also led her hands on production. In 2009 started her production work with Camp Wan on a musical that was ran at LA MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in New York City.

The gorgeous actress started her acting vocation as child. The performance at the La Paloma theatre in The Wizard of Oz is considered as the commencement of her career. Later it was followed by the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She has appeared in the several television show & movies till date. In her decade long career span she surely has proved herself as a versatile actress appearing in the different movies such as Courtships, The Babysitters & others. Furthermore she has also appeared in the guest role in the television show such as American Experience, The Black Donnellys, Six Degrees, New Amsterdam & Love Monkey. She got her career-describing role came in 2008 after she was cast in the Legend of the Seeker. It is a television show which is based on the series Sword of the Truth of Terry Goodkind. She was seen in the role of Kahlan Amnell. The stunning actress is also been cast as the lead character of the TV series The Frontier which was Shaun Cassidy creations. Her most recent television venture is White Collar. She started appearing in the recurring role of this crime drama in 2013 where she plays the role of Rebecca Lowe who is the love concern of Neal Caffrey. Being an actress, she surely makes most of her riches from her acting venture. Still her net worth including her salary is mystery to her fans.

The talented actress Bridget is among those few showbiz actress who enjoys equal success in both of their personal & professional life. She is carrying out her role of loving wife & caring mother successful in her personal life also. The beautiful actress is married to husband Eamon O’Sullivan. It was on 27th December, 2010 when the lovely pair of Eamon & Bridget was blessed with their first baby as daughter Frankie Jean. However she doesn’t want her personal life being exposed in media. Hence she has maintained her personal life happening in such as confidential way that no any hoaxes about her dating; being pregnant has come out in media till date. Also she likes to remain loyal to her loving husband therefore her involvement in anti-marital affairs or boyfriend is not seen so far.

She surely is one of the desired and gorgeous actresses of acting industry. Throughout her career span she has entertained her audience with her remarkable performance & has placed herself in a notable place. With the perfect height of 5 ft 9 inch along with her well suited body measurement she has become the hot actress of present time. With the gorgeous pair of those long and stunning legsshe has been able to establish herself as an attractive lady. She is also considered as the sexy actress who knows to flaunt her attractive side in an elegant manner. The photos of sexy Bridget are available everywhere in the internet in different sites.

The more about this glittering star can be obtained from different information sites in the internet. Her biography can also be obtained from the Wiki & IMDB. Similarly she can also be followed on her face book & twitter account in order to be close with her personal snaps & latest tweets. To add an interesting piece of information about her can be her hair is naturally red & curly but in order to fit in the character of Kahlan Amnell in the Legend of the Seeker she dyed it dark brown & also straightened it.