Brianna Keilar is a successful American news reporter and anchor. At present she works for CNN news network. She has rendered a great service to her working field. Brianna is a magnificent personality. The pretty news anchor has just turned 33. In the recent time she has been a prominent media figure. It took a lot of hard work and dedication for her to get into this stage of life.

Brianna was born in September 21, 1980 in Australia. She was named Brianna Marie Keilar at her birth but later began to be known as Brianna Keilar. Most of her childhood period was spent in Orange Country, California. Her parent admitted her to ‘Mission Viejo High School’ with the aim to foster her overall personality development. She was brought up in a very healthy environment where she cultivated habit of being independent. As a child she proved to be a bright and intelligent student. She completed her high school degree in 1998. Later during her senior period she was warmly welcomed by her junior colleagues and school community. She was titled as ‘Home coming Queen’ by her school. In 2001 she did complete her graduation from the University of California, Berkley, where she was also enrolled into the ‘Phi Betta Kappa Society’. Keilar demonstrated her exceptional ability and majored in Mass communication and Psychology.

Soon after completing her study she started to pursue her dreams. Brianna embarked on television news as an internist. She started to get supervised practical experienced at KTVU channel2 which is located in Oakland, California. There she served as production assistant. By then in 2001 she was linked to KIMA-TV which is affiliated with CBS network in Yakima, Washington. She had also contributed as early show host and weekend news anchor. Brianna has a very distinctive style of anchoring. In 2003 Brianna upgraded herself; she was assigned duty of news reporter and anchor for the CBS news network on MTV. There Brianna had to broadcast news on ‘MTV’s’ College Network. In 2004 due to favorable circumstances Brianna got the opportunity to cover the story of a presidential election which leads her to massive exposure. She also addressed the story of election from Boston, New Hampshire, and New York. Brianna has covered major breaking news from all over the United States. She has done outstanding presentation. When she was just 23, what she did certainly does not happen in every circumstance. She occupied place on the CBS news network. There she was assigned to host a show ‘Up to minute’. Prior to joining CNN news network, Brianna had served as a freelance news reporter for CBS.

When Brianna was put into service on CNN, there she began to work as a national correspondent for CNN in the Washington. By then she served to CNN as a general assignment correspondent in Washington. Recently color has been contributing to CNN news network as a White House correspondent. Brianna has interviewed many important personalities including US secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton.

33 years old hot provocative news anchor and reporter is already married. Brianna Keilar was married to her soul mate Dave French on May 2, 2009. Dave French was her long time boyfriend. The pair has not filed for divorce yet. They have been married for four years. The couple is spending a great time. Brianna is one of the gorgeous news reporters.  She dresses in a very elegant manner exposing her beautiful long legs and feet. Brianna has included herself in the list of top ten hottest CNN news anchor. Her photos and information is circularized all over the internet. Her biography can also be obtained from wiki. She knows the value of her assets very well. She has achieved a huge success. Brianna is active in social networking sites. Her admirers rush to respond to her daily updates on Twitter and Facebook. She interacts on a regular basis with her admirer. Regarding her private life there has been no any scandal. she is living happily with her husband.

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