The versatile and talented Bret Baier is an American news anchor. He is currently working for Fox News Channel. He is the host of the program Special Report with Bret Baier. He was born in Rumson New jersey and moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia when he was ten. His birth date is August 4, 1970. He belongs to Jewish ethnicity. For early education he attended Marist School. He received the degree from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. He graduated in 1992 with major in political science and English. He was always interested in television broadcasting. He was an active student partaking in various programs.

Bret commenced his professional career working at a local station at Rockford. Next he got his chance at WRAL-TV, the CBS affiliate in North Carolina. He gathered experience at WREX-TV, NBC affiliate in Rockford, Illinois and WJWJ-TV, PBS affiliate in Beaufort. In 1998 he sent an audition video to Fox News which provided him the grand opportunity to work at their Atlanta Bureau. His impressive work as the bureau head continued and finally he was transferred to Washington in 2001. He became Pentagon Correspondent for Fox News. Later he was promoted to White House Reporter in 2007. This gave him the opportunity to report on President Bush’s activities. He has reported on the activities of presidents Bush and Obama. He also began as fill-in host for the Special Report and finally made the show his own from January 2009. In his career he has reported breath-taking news like Pentagon Attack on September 11, 2001, news from Afghanistan and Iraq, 2012 Presidential election campaign and others. He has some proud moments to remember in his career such as his interview with President George W. Bush, Barak Obama and Vice president Dick Cheney Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Polish President Lech Kaczynski, Georgian President Mikheul Saakashvili and other prominent figures in the world.

Bret is now forty three years of age. He has already displayed his impressive anchoring and interviewing skills. He one of the most watched television personalities and is famous globally. He has about two million viewers each night that’s a matter of honor. He is regarded amongst the most influential people of present time. He has displayed an example of extreme professionalism and dedication. His witty nature and down to earth personality is loved by viewers. He is good-looking and dresses up smartly. He is tall and handsome guy. His height is five feet eleven inches and has already accomplished great in her career too.

Speaking of his persona bio he is a married man. He has a small family of himself, his wife and two sons. He is married to Amy and they are parents of two sons Paul and Daniel. He cares for his family. They had a hard time in the past when his first child Paul used to be heart patient. He is an ideal father and husband who have given intensive care and love to his family.

Bret with the will power and energy he possess has managed his personal and professional in a perfect manner. He has been able to justify his work as well as his responsibility towards his family. He has risen to the occasion in both the cases. He has served well for his employers and they are paying a good salary. He receives $ 7 million per year, which is a handsome amount. He is able to live his luxurious life with it. It is believed that Bret Baier succeed in weight loss around 48 pounds with his hard work & dedication. His story behind weight loss is reported to be his activeness & changing his diet.

He has many fans followers. They can obtain his biography from wiki, Fox’s official website and other sites writing about famous people. He is also active in twitter. Fans can keep in touch with him through twitter account.