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Jeremy Wade :: Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Jeremy Wade's facts

Date of Birth 1956-03-23
Nationality British
Profession presenter, author, television host, biologist and extreme angler
Working for Television show "The River Monster"
Ethnicity White

The world famous British Television host, presenter, author, extreme angler and biologist, Jeremy John Wade is professionally known by the name Jeremy Wade. His famous television series “Jungle Hooks” & “River Monster” have succeeded to get national and international attraction. He has been famous for his keen interest in searching man-eating freshwater fish. As for his bio apart from wiki, he has never ever mentioned anything about him being married of his wife. Due to which he has been stated as gay. He has been contributing in his series even at his age of 57. He is also available in twitter and other sites to let people be updated by his new searches.

The phenomenal host, Jeremy Wade of world-wide famous series was born on 23rd March 1956 and was raised on the bank of Suffolk Stour. He has been attracted towards fishing from very young age. His interest in aquatic animal encouraged him to join Bristol University to get degree in zoology. He is also holds postgraduate teaching certificate from University of Kent in biological sciences. Apart from his interest in zoology he is also a successful author.

He has been the top most presenter of current time used to be a biology teacher of secondary school. He has also worked as art tutor, news reporter and senior copywriter in his past time. his first appearance on television was on 2002, he was presenting himself as the host of the series Jungle Hooks on Discovery Europe. The series went viral at greater extent and later he followed his next show called River Monster. His second show was introduced in 2009 and has accomplished the highest-ever viewers in the Animal Planet History.

He is very passionate at his work, he does all possible things to bring real fact about the man eating fishing. He never cares about his life in order to make is shows realistic and the main reason people love his show more than anything. The incident had taken place in India when he was there to catch Asian Slayer sea monster. Furthermore he has pretty well fluency in half dozen of languages.

Besides his magazines and news paper article for Guardian, The Times, BBC Wildlife magazine, he has also written a book named “Somewhere Down the Crazy River along with Paul Arthur Boote”. His recent book based on his global fishing adventures named River Monster was released in April 2011. This extraordinary presenter and author has been entertaining with significant amount of salary and has been accumulated net worth of $1.5 million.

The phenomenal host of super famous series has reached at the age of 57 but still there is no update about his marital status. He is not married, has no wife or any children. He is so much dedicated to his work that he never thought about having a happy family. The reason behind his single status can be his dedication to his work as he doesn’t even care about his life in order to make the show realistic. He has never mentioned anything about his personal life due to which the speculations has been made about his sex orientation as a gay. Though there are many rumors about his life but he never liked to talk about it and make any clarification all he cares about is his series.

There is no doubt that he is admired by millions of people for his outstanding job in his series. The veteran and very much passionate television personality of British nationality has been widely praised for his bravery and effort in vocation. He is also very regular on twitter where he updates all kind of interesting parts of his shows. Anyone very curious about his life and profession can join him on twitter.