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Brooke Baldwin::Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Brooke Baldwin's facts

Date of Birth 1979-07-12
Nationality American
Profession News Anchor
Working for CNN
Ethnicity North American
Marital Status Married
Married to Jay David
Education Degree in Journalism
Salary 1.3 million
Divorce No

Brooke Baldwin is a successful American Journalist. Currently she is the CNN news channel correspondent. Baldwin was born on July 12, 1979. She was educated by her parents in the Westminster school. Soon after she completed her high school she joined in university of north Carolina for further study from where she graduated with a double degree in Journalism and Spanish. Before she completed her graduation she had also attained at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Brooke commenced her career at WVIR-TV in Charlottesville, Virginia. Baldwin had also worked for WOWK-TV as a news anchor in the Huntington and Charleston, West Virginia area. She was main reporter in WTTG news channel in Washington DC. After working for several news agency finally in 2008 she joined CNN. It is only after she joined CNN , her achievement has reached new heights. Just like her  fortunate contemporary she earned great name and fame eventually becoming the subject matter of gossip for many viewers. Today, she has a very successful career. She gets paid a huge amount of salary. Baldwin is also active in social networking sites. Currently she hosts news program on CNN from 2 to 4 pm.

When Baldwin was linked by CNN network, she assisted as a contributor on Rick’s list show which was hosted by Rick Sanchez. However in 2010 former host was alleged of making anti-Semitic comment eventually Sanchez was fired. After that incident Baldwin was assigned time slot of the show which she took permanently. In 2012 she hosted a very selective musical program for half an hour. In her special musical program, popular artist like Mavis, Staples, Wilco, Mumford &Sons, Ben Solle, and Janelle Monae were featured. During Queen Elizabeth second diamond jubilee she had jointly reported the news with prominent media personality Piers  Morgan on 3rd and 5th of June in London, United Kingdom. Baldwin has successfully covered different story from all across the globe. She is expert in reporting every minute detail of major events. She is widely known for presenting some of the big events of the world like covering the death of Osama Bin Laden, chaos in Syria, impact of Tsunami in Japan. Baldwin presented live coverage of a savage killing in Sandy Hook Elementary School at Connecticut. She has also reported the story presidential election in 2011. She has conducted interviews with many renowned personalities.  Brooke has shown great passion and enthusiasm toward her profession. She is one of the very dedicated and loyal journalist.

33 years old beautiful news anchor is very popular. One can easily figure out her popularity just by glancing at the long list of her follower in social networking sites. Brooke is five feet and ten inches tall with a perfectly good figure. Her annual income is estimated to be 1. 3 million. It has been few years she got married with her boyfriend Jay David. Her husband is a veterinarian.  As we all know it has been like fashion and part of TV celebrity’s life to divorce and involve in various scandal that’s why people quite often make certain presumption about their private life. Once there were also rumors about their divorce but formally they have denied it. Her information can be obtained from different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. Her brief information is also presented in Wikki.

Brooke is now running at the age of thirty three but sill her beauty has not faded away. She is one of the hot member of CNN network who appeals many viewers.  Perhaps she knows the worth of beauty that’s why she presents herself with such great charm. Brooke has beautiful legs and feet and people prefer talking about her beauty. Her stunning beauty can certainly hypnotize any viewer of her show. She looks very friendly indeed her report is labeled by complexity and richness of detail. At present it is undisputable fact that Brooke is one of the top-ranked news anchor.