A witty and good-humored Spencer Christian is one of the favorite weather news broadcasters in an American television. Spencer went on air in 1971 and so far he has been actively serving as a meteorologist on a broadcast network. He had been a part of ABC Network where he used to host popular show ‘Good Morning America’. The show was aired from 1986 to 1998. This program made him recognized to millions of viewers within the nation. Apart from being a successful meteorologist, Spencer is also known for his authorship. Spencer has authored several books for kids. Christian was associated with KGO-TV, the part of ABC 7 located in San Francisco till last week of April, 2014. All his fans were surprised to see him back on the show as he returns to GMA as he continue his job as weather forecaster where he would be replacing Ginger Zee as a beautiful weather babe is busy preparing for her weekend-wedding. The admirable hosting skills of Christian came back again after 13 years to impress his millions of fans around the globe. This news was confirmed at the show of GMA  in 5 June, 2014. He used to host GMA 13 years ago with the anchors named John Lunden, Charlie Gibson, and Hugh Downs.

In July 1947 Christian was born of parent Lucy Greene Christian and Spencer Christian. He was named as Spencer Christian after his father’s name. Christian was brought up by his parent in Charles City in Virginia. There he spent his most of the childhood period. On the completion of his high school, Christian went to Hampton College to receive his advanced degree. His passion towards language motivated him to choose English. At the Hampton College he majored in English. Spencer came out of college with a degree in English and Journalism. Most of the people recognize Christian as a fabulous weather reporter but only few are well acquainted with the fact that he had also engaged in military service. More interestingly, after being graduated Christian had taught at the Stony Brook school, a private school located in the Long Island. After working as a teacher and serving in U.S army reserve, in 1971 Christian intended to work as a news broadcaster. He initiated his broadcasting career by being affiliated with WWBT which is in Richmond, Virginia. There he was assigned a duty of covering the report on local politics. In addition to that he also covered the story about the Public school system in Virginia. Prior to working as a reporter, Christian had served in school so he was very capable of presenting the story about schooling system. For almost one year he served as a news reporter. Christian got an opportunity to work as a weather reporter when one of his colleagues left the station. He had a sound knowledge of meteorology and climatology so it was not a tough job for him to fill in for a few weeks. There Christian proved himself as a very capable and efficient weather reporter and eventually managed to remain there for a long time. It was a big opportunity for him to sharpen his skill as a meteorologist. In Baltimore at WBAL-TV he had team member like Sue Simmons, Ron Smith, Mike Hambrick and Curt Anderson. Soon he became very popular among his fellow worker because of his healthy sense of humor. Apart from that he often attended in many charity function and schools program. Additionally christian also conducted a weekly program entitled ‘Spencer’s world’. Christian was honored by a prestigious Emmy award for his unique five-part news story (entitled “Does anyone speak English here”) which was produced and narrated by him.

Christian has conducted interviews with 5 presidents including president Barack Obama and with many other prominent figures. He has travelled all across the globe to cover major stories from different parts. All such pivotal events have made his life and career very fascinating and memorable.

Spencer was married to Diane Chambers. The couple got married on June 20th 1970.  Their marriage life was very blissful and joyous which lasted for more than 40 years. Unfortunately for some reason, Christian filed for a divorce with his wife. Soon after he separated with his wife there has been gossip about his affairs but none of them are acceptable and valid.  Apart from being a successful journalist, he is also a loving and caring father. He celebrates spending time with his son and daughter Jason and Jessica. Like many other popular media figures Spencer is also active in social networking sites. He has earned a large number of admirers who interact with him via Twitter and Facebook. His fan can follow him at [email protected] SpencerABC7 on Twitter. His short biography can also be obtained from Wiki.