Betty liu,age 43 a news anchor for Bloomberg Television was born in Hongkong. At the age of three, she  moved to United States Of America and was raised in the largest city of Pennsylvania named Philadelphia. She graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 with degree in English. She married Benjamin L.Walter and become mother of twin boys. Then in 2006 she got divorced and married to William with whom she lives in Millburn, New Jersey.

Financial News Organisation, Don Jones Newswires owned by Dow Jones was the organization she joined as the Youngest-Ever Taiwan Bureau Chief. After leaving Dow Jones, she joined Financial Times as the Atlanta Bureau Chief for several years. Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) is a business news television channel in Asia where she joined as an anchor and correspondent for CNBC Asia and covered the market actions in China region for morning shows. Her coverage of Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Fedex etc in the south earned her a spot on TJFR’s “TOP 30 BUSINESS JOURNALISTS UNDER 30 LIST” and was nominated for Pulitzer Prize for her articles on “immigrant labour in the south” by FT(2000-2002).Betty Liu become the Asian Female Student to be inducted into Central High School’s Alumni Hall of Fame on October 27th,2011.

Being an anchor and correspondent, she was also a book author and personal finance expert. She published “Age Smart: Discovering the Fountain of youth at Midlife and Beyond”. Age Smart was turned into series on CNBC Asia called “The Business Life” and led her to writing bi-weekly personal finance column in South China  Morning Post.

Betty Liu says :

 There’s a few people I would love to have on.  One of them is Carlos Slim.  I would like to bring him back on my program—we interviewed him a couple of times, but I would like to spend more time with him.

There are people in Asia that I would like to do an interview with—Li Ka-Shing—the “Superman of Asia”—he would be a fantastic interview.  Warren Buffett I could say was one of my dream interviews.

 With smart personality measuring 34-23-34 figure, she is considered as one of the most smart, intelligent and down to earth celebrity in television sector.She has soft and loving nature which is the reason for 270 millions fans all over the world. The personality and the body language of her is flawless.She has got astonishing and flouring hot looks to her. She has got the brawny establishment in her professional vocation. She is five feet and three inches tall. Admiring her job and appreciates the conditions to gaze. In the matter of chossing her outfits,she chooses in ironically that goes with her occupation genre and perfection towards her beauty.having flawless natural beauty, fragile facial skin tones, she doesn’t need extent touch up. Best part of her dress up is she is always dressed up beautifully showing her long legs elegantly.

Betty Liu is living a peaceful life with her family. She is carrying off her personal as well as professional life very well. Her present husband William has accepted her children and they are happy with their relationship. She is a juvenile age lady and has achieved huge height in her concise career in a very short time. She has been associated with Bloomberg for long and her company appreciates her caliber and dedication towards her work. Thus she is being offered with attractive salary. The mixed income of both couples had been saved and signified for their children’s necessity and fortune.