Bernard Humphrey Hopkins, Jr. professionally known as Bernard Hopkins is a heavyweight champion from gaining the IBF, WBA and IBA title. He is an American boxer who was born on January 15, 1965 and he grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was announced the oldest boxer to achieve a world title at the age of 49. He also defended a world title unifying a weight division. He got engaged in crime from his early age. Until thirteen he was stabbed thrice and had been torturing people. He was sentenced 18 years in Graterford Prison at the age of seventeen. He was accused of nine felonies. His inmate was murdered in the prison, which was for a pack of ciggerates. He also knowledged himself that he had a passion for boxing while he was behind the bars.

He is mainly known for the achievement from the middleweight class in his career. He had held at least one championship from the middleweight class which was from 1994 until 2005. Along with his career flow he got to earn International Boxing Federation’s  first belt. His achievement bundled up titles of three of boxing’s major sanctioning bodies in 2001. He got to the point by winning the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council titles. When he got the title from The Ring he got to be the first middleweight champion to accomplish having all the four major belts. Another of his attainment in the boxing was when he won the World’s Boxing Organization’s Championship in 2004 from Oscar De La Hoya. Before losing a game in 2005 he was able to defend world middleweight title record 20 times. Due to his success he was regarded as one of the greatest middleweight champion in the boxing history. He was ranked on 3rd position by The Ring which surveyed the boxers of all time naming the countdown 10 Best Middleweight Title Holders of The Last 50 years. His loss to Jermain Taylor was of a great price which was in 2005. He lost his title and also lost it again in a rematch. Bernard then started boxing for light heavyweight championship after he got on some weight. His debut fight from light heavyweight championship had a good impact on him as he won the match. He got the title of International Boxing Organization along with the Ring titles which he played against Antonio Tarver. Later in 2008 he last his Ring title to Joe Calzaghe and was able to get the title back again after he won his second fight with Jean Pascal. His latest achievement updated when he won the title for IBF light heavyweight championship on March 9 2013 which he played against Tavoris Cloud. It was his second time for the record.

Having a height of 6 ft and 1 inches and gaining 175 pounds of wight he is mainly respected for his play in the match having unmatchable power and stamina. His strict diet is also one of his source to his great stamina. He got married to his wife Jeanette Hopkins in the year of 1993 and has a child Latrice Hopkins. The american boxer has net worth of $40 million dollars. His all successive achievements makes him one of the rich sportsman. In an interview he recalls his childhood life being a thug and a gangster. He also gave a statement that when he was freed out of the prison, the prison ward told him that he would be seeing him again but Hopkins told him that he was never returning again. His drastic change in his career is an influence to many people. People can search up his bio in wiki, google or other websites while his latest updates can be looked up by following him in his twitter account.