Barbara Ann Corcoran, professionally known as ‘Barbara Corcoran’ is popular as a successful business woman, investor, consultant, speaker, author and TV personality. Corcoran gained popularity in the television when she served as a ‘Shark’ investor on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’. Barbara has done a lot of struggle to reach at the place where she is today. She is an inspiration to all the youth who gave up their dreams in a fear of facing struggle. In her initial days, she worked as waitress in the restaurant. It’s her true dedication and hard work that led her to achieve her dream of becoming successful person in the future. Barbara is well known as an established and successful entrepreneur in the recent world. She was born on a middle class family with other ten siblings. She started to work from an early age as her father’s income was not sufficient to fulfill his family needs. Despite of poor economic status, she gave continuity to her education. She completed her education from the St. Thomas Acquinas College majoring in education in the year 1971. She had already worked in twenty places before holding graduation degree.

After completing graduation, she started to teach at the school. But completing one year as a teacher in school, she moved on serving other various jobs which includes a side job of renting apartments in the New York City. As Barbara had a different destiny to follow, she decided to work as her own boss rather than serving others. As a result, she became the co-founder of a real estate business ‘The Corcoran Group’ which she has formed along with her boyfriend. She had taken loan of $1000 which becomes approximately $5300 in the year 2014. After working as a boss on her own business, she started to publish ‘The Corcoran Report’ on real estate data trends. However, she sold her business with the huge amount of $66 million to NRT Incorporated in 2001. Barbara became a prominent and recognizable figure in New York real estate scene after she sold her business. Apart from her hectic schedule, she has also managed to work as a real estate contributor for the ‘Today Show’ and ‘CNBC’. In addition to this, she also serves as columnist for various magazines like ‘More Magazine’, ‘Redbook’ and ‘The Daily Review’. Besides this, she is also popular as an author of couple of books. She even became one of the author of best-selling book ‘If you don’t have big breasts, put ribbons on your pigtails’. Her second book titled ‘Nextville: Amazing places to live the rest of your life’ also earned high appreciation from the both audiences and critics.

Significance to her personal life biography, her marital status is married. She got married to Bill Higgins. From her marital relation with her husband, Higgins she is blessed with two children named Katie Corcoran and Tom Corcoran. Barbara has managed her both professional and personal life in well manner. She has proved herself as an ideal wife. With sharing such a strong love and affection for such a long period, there is no news published about her divorce and neither seems to publish in the future as well.

The genius entrepreneur, Barbara even at the mid age of 60s has managed to look as beautiful as she used to look in her young days. The gorgeous lady has a charming face with an attractive body figure. However, she has not revealed her exact body measurements size in the public. But from her appearance she looks to have a close body measurements size of 36-24-36 inches.  She has an average height of 5 feet 6 inches and weight of 58 kg. Her curvaceous legs and feet looks extraordinary when she wears sexy short dresses. She has different hairstyle from other celebrities. She is usually seen with her short hairstyle which suited her personality really well. With her aspiring entrepreneur career and unique personality, she has gained both fame and fortune in her career. As of 2014, she has earned total net worth amount of $140 million. This hard working lady surely deserves such a wide recognition and worth which she had gained her successful career.

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