Barbara Bermudo is a popular newscaster, who was born on June 5, 1975 in Guaynabo. Her native land is puertorico. During initial stage of her career she was affiliated to Univision’s news magazine as a news reporter and later on she started to host the program, Primer Impacto the program which frequently talks about human concerned accounts. Soon after she initiated program she was widely recognized. Mostly viewers of her program are Spanish descent and she has also accumulated large number of audience from Latin America. Before she was linked with primer impacto she already had made some remarkable breakthrough in her career by bringing out case study of drug addict in florida.

In 2008 Barbara Bermudo was in matrimonial relation with Colombian journalist Mario Andres Moreno. She has now two daughters called Mia Andrea and Camila Andrea. At the moment she is living her life with her family in Miami, Florida. Bermudo has completed her arts degree in journalism from American university which is located in Washington, DC.She has conducted an interview with many high profile personalities. In 2013 she interviewed Michele Obama in the jubilee of her let’s move campaign. In an interview they discussed about benefits and essentiality of proper nutrition and physical health activity in school beside that she has also interviewed many authoritative figures of different background and field.

She also managed to take interview of Alejandro Garcia Padilla, governor of Puerto Rico. She has presented interview of many celebrity, stars and other important high profile public figure. She has appeared in many other special shows of Univision, like special nights of stars, green carpet Grammy award. Since important public figure should be also concerned with public health issue so she has also conducted specifically health related program. She has also appeared in many other special shows of Univision, like special nights of star, green carpet Grammy award. As important figure in society should also be concerned with public health issues so she has also conducted specifically health program. All such pivotal events have helped her to explore different dynamics of her personality.

She has demonstrated her exceptional ability and everything she has achieved so far is due to her hard constant hard work and dedication towards her profession. Bermudo has received many awards in her life.  She was honored by city of Miami as decent puertorican professional. She is also awarded by United way for her coverage of special report about situation of Hispanic in south florida. Bermudo has been very keen observer to bring out factual information. For a long time, she has observed and analyzed chaos in southern Florida. Her TV show primer impacto has been considered as one of the most popular program and sometimes even named all time greatest TV show. Indeed primer Impacto is very popular TV show among Hispanic in United state. Primer impacto primarily covers very sensitive and inner story of human life.

Despite accomplishing so much in her life there has been some scandal in Bermudo’s life about nudity. Like most of other celebrity she has come under controversy and been the victim of rumors and hoaxes. Once she has become the victim of internet rumors.  The rumors about her death spread just like internet virus throughout the country. As usual skeptics muttered “this is a hoax” where as some of deeply troubled, loyal admirer of Bermudo even started to express empathy for her and wrote condolence for her. It was obvious that report was fake since none of Puertorican news channels have broadcasted her death report. Regardless of her such decent personality some media, news channels have covered the issue of her vulgarity and nudity. Despite all her great achievement she could not omit herself from group of other celebrity who have come under controversy of nudity.

Bermudo is lucky enough to be among few people who made a fortune as a journalist. She has made a fame and fortune in field of journalism. She has also been included among top 10 highest paid journalists by “people with money” magazine.  Bermudo has approximate net worth of $185 million. Bermudo is just like rare people who are gifted with both natural beauty and intelligence. Her height is five feet five inch. She is very charming and fascinating personality with fair complex.