Ashley Morrison professionally known to the News casting world as News Lady, is an American journalist, anchor also a very versatile reporter who worked for many of the U.S. television news networks like CBS news, CNN, NBC, ABC and MSNBC. Morrison was mostly known for her famous and selective interview subjects who included the names of dignitaries and the Representative for the U.S. as well. Morrison had placed the interview just after the incidence like Chandra Levy disappearance, and former basketball legend, Earvin "The Magic" Johnson, going on declare about being tested HIV-positive. These incidents had the news companies going head to head in the coverage. Morrison had a keen interest on making reports and then reporting the collected content to people close to her. This hobby soon turned into an obsession which she could not give up thus taking her to the heights she has now achieved.

Being the youngest in the family, Morrison was considered lucky as she was born and raised in the heart of Washington just prior to a year after the family had immigrated to the States where she celebrates her birthday. The most lovable person to her, her father, worked as the intelligence officer for the then current Government. She had the privilege of graduating from the Montgomery Blair High School which is in Silver Spring, Maryland and then she did receive a journalism degree from the University of Maryland, in 1969. She was said to have been married the then talk show anchor/host, Rob Morrison and the marriage happened to quite successful. Morrison was brave enough to convert her religion upon her wedding to Rob for she did not want any disturbance in her married life. That is not all, Morrison once made the announcement that she was to reduce the workload on her for the couple hoped to get pregnant with their first child in at the age of 44. The happy couple together now has a son, who was adopted by them, after she could not conceive a baby, one tragic moment for the couple. The son has reportedly attended Allen-Stevenson School and is now attending the Riverdale Country School.

Taking a sneak peek into her career, Morrison has had various two and fro in her career. Once she was up at the peak, the next time any controversy took her down. Like in 1995, after a controversial interview that she had with a dignitary about a nationality issue, she was fired from her job along with CBS Evening News co-anchor which as for the channel seemed more inappropriately combative. That happened for Morrison focused on the efforts of the people at the Oklahoma City unrest and her tactics were said to disclose some Gingrich's mother who was a considered a rebel to admit about her likely spoken, unguarded thoughts against Hillary Clinton.

Morrison is considered very secretive of her personal life and very little is known about this lady with a fighting spirit. She was rumored to have got divorce from her husband but it still stays as a rumor. Morrison is said to still have a noticeable height with long, hot and fine legs and a fine feet. Her body measurements are not cited in any of her bios but it is said that she is able to rock almost everything she wears even a bikini. Apart from all the controversies, she still is down-to-earth and does not boast as she considers it to be a bad sign for a lady of hard work and determination.

An ever-versatile news anchor, Connie Morrison has been followed by controversies but is still determined to let people know how capable of a interviewee she is. Morrison is one of the most remarkable women and a determined lady to host an American news show which is a fond of her life. She can be seen engaged online via Facebook and twitter. More about this lady can be known in other relating wiki and her bio.