Ashleigh Butler is a trainer of British dog trick born on February 6, 1995. Ashleigh Butler was born in Wellingborough, Northampton shire. Her birth name is Ashleigh Jade Butler. This sensational young talent with her partner Pudsey(dog) who was born on 28 December 2005 came up in light as participants of famous Britain television show named Britain’s Got Talent. They won the prestigious competition on 12 May 2012. Ashleigh and Pudsey became the first ever dog trick act to win the show.

Ashleigh Butler’s career got a platform in the name of Britain Got Talent. She won the sixth series of the competition and was well appreciated by the judges and the audience since their first shown in 7 April 2012. Pudsey was so well trained and talented that one of the judges Simon Cowell remarked “Pudesy is one of the best dancing dogs I’ve ever seen”

The super talented trainer Ashleigh Butler and her god gifted talented dog Pudesy which is a Border Collie, Crested powderpuff cross performed in the semifinal of the competition in 6 May 2012. On 12 May 2012 Ashleigh Butler and her dog was crowned as the sixth winner of Britain Got Talent, thrashing classical duo Jonathan and Charlotte.

After getting crowned in the competition, the career of Ashleigh Butler caught its speed. On 2 June 2012, they performed in the attendance of Queen Elizabeth II in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations held in Epsom Downs Racecource. They served as a visitor judge on ITV2’s Top Dog Model.

As a winner of the Britain Got Talent, Ashleigh and Pudsey performed in attendance of Queen Elizabeth II at 84th Royal Variety Performance on the date 19 November 2012.

Pudsey performed the role of Duchess in David Williams’ TV revision of his children book Mr. Stink. Ashleigh Butler’s career further caught a speed when she was appointed as a judge on ITV talent show That Dog Can Dance presented by Christine Bleakley. As a co-presenter of the CBBC program Who Let the Dogs Out and About? They toured the UK throughout the summer of 2012. Ashleigh and Pudsey are the host of the show, Who Let the Dogs Out? since 2013.

Realizing the growing reputation and popularity of Pudesy and Ashleigh Butler, a renowned producer Simon Cowell declared the production of a movie named “Pudsey: The Movie”. Famous comedian David Williams voiced Pudsey in the movie. This proved Ashleigh’s ability to train her dog to the best. This god gifted duo performed at the New Victoria Theatre occupied in Dick Whittington opposite Stephen Mulhern from December 2012 to January 2013.

The young, god gifted talent Ashleigh Butler proved herself and her ability and set a perfect example that the success in career can be achieved without following the mainstream career. Her unique and talented abilities won the heart of millions all around the world. She is a role model to those people who want success in their career in very small age. She has defined the world that it’s not only the path of careers like movies, acting, singing that leads you to the success in no time. If you have determination, talent, hard work and ability, any sorts of work can make you successful in your particular career. Dog training is not a flourished occupation, but Butler’s determination flourished her even through that occupation.

Ashleigh is quiet aware about the cruelty to animals in various shows and off-screen performances. She carried out a campaign PETS appealing a ban on cruelty to animals in circuses.

Challenging her own ability of work she expanded the horizon of her success through determination and hard work, and have achieved decade worth success just at the age of 19.