Ashleigh Banfield is an award winning newscaster corresponded to CNN news channel. The popular news reporter belongs to Canadian ethnicity. Her work as a professional journalist is of great significance that thrust itself into attention. Banfield has already contributed for more than 20 years and still continuing to serve. A notable newscaster has just turned 45 but it seems as if her beauty is imperishable. Her eye-catching personality can fascinate viewers.

Ashleigh Banfield was born on December 29, 1967 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Regarding her early education, she was admitted to Ballmoral high school by her parent. She did complete her high school in 1985. Afterward she joined Queen University to receive further education. In 1988 she completed her graduation majoring in Political Science and French. Subsequently she joined the University of British Columbia to study advanced level of French language. She became completely proficient in the French language. Banfield embarked on her media career in 1988 in CJBN-TV in Kenora, Ontario. The following year she was affiliated with CKY-TV in Winnipeg. In 1992 she set up working as a producer at CICT-TV which lasted till 1993. By then she served as a news anchor business correspondent till 1995. Prior to joining CIC-TV she had also aired the weekend news on CFRN-TV which is located in Edmonton. For her outstanding contribution she was honored with the prestigious Iris Award in 1994. That was a remarkable success in her career. In 1991 Ashleigh presented the news report of  the meeting of the head of government of the USA and Russia. Later year she covered the story of the Clinton / Yeltsin summit which was held in Vancouver.

 After working for several Canadian news channel she moved to the United States. There she became a member of KDFW-TV which is situated in Dallas, Texas. She won the prestigious Emmy award while her service on KDFW-TV. In 2000 Ashleigh was affiliated with MSNBC where she hosted a show MSNBC Investigates. Concerning her personality traits, she  was highly appreciated by the executive of the network and at the same by The New York Times. The pretty news anchor and reporter was really worthwhile to be praised for. She has also served for ABC News. She had jointly hosted a show named Home Page along with Gina Gaston and Mike Brzezinski. Banfield has always performed her duty with total commitment. On September 11, 2001 Banfield carried out very audacious task. She presented live coverage of the terrorist attack in the world trade center. It was a terrible misfortune that she lost her two friends during a terrorist attack. Soon after that shocking moment she was promoted for her daring act. Banfield created her own show ‘A region in conflict’. She went all across the globe to cover the story from the war zone. She has interviewed many war victims. Banfield conducted interviews of Taliban prisoners. A Catholic priest in Pakistan named Father Gregory Rice was also interviewed by Banfield. In April 2003 there was a severe disappointment regarding Banfiled’s speech at Kansas University. In her speech she pointed out frailty of media coverage in conflict zone like Iraq. Later there were many arguments and dispute concerning her speech. Finally she departed from MSNBC and joined CourtTV. There she was assigned a duty to jointly host a show ‘Banfield and Ford: Courtside weekdays’ along with Jack Ford. In January 2007 she made a contract to conduct a celebrity chatter show ‘Hollywood Heat’. In January 2012 Banfield was affiliated with the CNN news network. There she was assigned a duty to jointly host CNN early morning show. On August 13, 2012 Banfield acted as a substitute for Kyra Phillips.

Banfield is married to Howard Gould who is by profession a real state financier. They have two children and the couple has not filed for divorce yet. She has a very photogenic face. Banfield looks great on screen.  Bandfield is widely known for her rectangular eyeglass. She gets paid a huge amount of salary. She has very impressive personality with fine legs and feet. Her distinctive hair style is often a matter of discussion among her admirer. So far she is not involved in any kind of vulgar scandal. Her detail biography can also be obtained from Wiki.