The daring, courageous and adventurous Arwa Damon is a senior international correspondent working for CNN, one of the largest news channels in the world. She joined the network back in 2006 and is currently based in Beirut. The audacious lady is an Iraq specialist for CNN. She has reported from war-struck zones under critical circumstances. She has reported on many major military and civil happenings.

Arwa is basically from Boston, Massachusetts. Born on September 19, 1977 she spent her early childhood in her birthplace before moving to Turkey. Her mother Joumana is a Syrian, granddaughter of former Syrian Prime minister Muhsin al-Barazi. Her father Dr George H. Damon is a teacher and currently is headmaster of American Community School in Beirut. She attended Robert College in Istanbul and later completed her graduation from Skidmore College in US, with double major in biology and French along with international affairs as minor. Actually she is fluent speaker of French, English, Turkish and Arabic, thanks to her residence in different places.

Damon is a star for CNN. She has covered the stories from danger zones. Her stories include major happenings during Iraq war, Libyan Protest against Moammar Gadhafi, Egyptian protest against Mubarak, Indonesia’s parliamentary election, execution of Saddam Hussein, 2010 Iraq election, Visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to US, prevention of H1N1 virus in Indonesia and much other breaking news. Her report on horribly burnt Iraqi Boy Youssif was able to allow him to get treatment in the US.

Prior to CNN, she used to work as a freelance news producer for various news organizations including CNN itself, PBS, Fox News and others. She exclusively covered the Middle East war stories. Arwa had begun her career as a correspondent for CameraPlanet at the wake of Iraqi war. Before joining to journalism she worked in a textile industry. Soon she discovered her much interested sector to build-her career in.

Damon is thirty six years of age. She has already made a long way in her career. Despite being famous she maintains a low key regarding when it comes to her private life. She is still single. She might be having a boyfriend but no one knows clearly about the matter. She might be search of a loving husband with whom she can live a happy life. She might have got a good plan for her wedding. She is beautiful, she is successful. She has created a huge fanbase over the years. She gives her best as a professional woman. She dresses up smartly, quite casual as per her simplicity and comfort. As her name suggests she is from Muslim background. Despite her belonging to a strict religion she supports gay rights.

It is her dedication, courage and will-power that have made the persona of her caliber. She deserves to stand high in her profession she is in. In fact she is an invaluable asset to any organization she is involved in. So her employer is providing her a good amount of salary to keep her satisfied. She is living a luxurious life. She is enjoying her personal as well as professional life to the fullest. Her fanatic admirers love to watch her on television. They can learn more about her and keep in touch with her o Twitter and facebook. Her biography can be obtained from various websites writing biography on famous people.