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Melissa Satta | Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

The very pretty and beautiful Melissa Satta is a professional Italian- American television presenter and communication expert. Her birthdates was on February 7, 1986 and birthplace was Boston, Massachusetts, United states. She belongs to American as well Italian nationality. She has spent her early childhood years, living both in America and Sardinia. Sardinia is land of origin of her parents. Her father Enzo Satta is an architect as well Central government politician and politician consultant in politics of Sardinian and business partner to Prince Age khan. Melissa has two brothers: Older brother Ricardo, a Business incubator and younger brother Maximilian.

She had graduated from High School in United States. And later she joined private University IULM, and she was graduated with doctoral degree in the faculty of communication studies. She started her career in the fashion industry at the age of 16 in the year 2002. At the very early age of 17 she was among the finalist of Beauty contestant Miss Wall and obtained the title of Miss Extreme. She got many new opportunity with this success, at the age of 19, she had contract with Riccardo Gay Agency. Melissa Satta entered the world of television. She got first chance in Italian television program “Mio Fratello Pakistano” meaning my brother is Pakistani. Later in the year 2005 she took job, a spot as a showgirl for racy series “striascia la notzia” its meaning was (stripe the news). She was appointed as spokesperson for the advertising of TIM. With this her professional stock continued to rise and she was featured in numerous Media set television programs such as Judge Mastrangeol 2, in Italian movie “Bastardi “as a minor part. She also paraded the catwalk in “Pin up stars collection”. She also graced the page of “Sport Illustration” For special year dedicated to swimwear for a photo shoot wearing Body paint representing Italy football team.

 In June 2011, Satta presented scientific program inside out. In December of same year she was featured on talk show Kalispera. May of 2012she was   featured the television program “Puntosu di te”. In September of 2013 she was appointed as presenter of Italy Sports program Tiki Taka. She has been thrust into the sports light because of her sports history. Having practice both women’s football where she played for the women’s team of Sardinia. She has the net worth of $10.5 billion.

She has been in three celebrity relationship. In 2004 she started her relation with her first boyfriend Marco Borelliello and Francessco Coco and ended in the same year. From 2006 she was dating with one of country’s soccer star Christian Vieri, but after five years of relation they broke up. She has never been married so there is no point of talking about her divorce, husband and her children.  Her body measurements include 36-26-36. She has the height of five feet ten inch. She has maintained her body and looks hot posing for bikini pictures. She normally spends $1000 per week for her shopping and for parlor. She does not prefer online shopping.

She love Italian food but she tries to avoid fat and oil. She prefer protein n vitamin containing fruits. She drinks daily average 10 glass of water. She is conscious about her figure so she prefers exercise. She usually prefers running and playing badminton early in the morning. She usually prefers straight hair but she has been seen in different hairstyle in different function that mean. She frequently changes her hairstyle. There’s no lot of evidence that officially confirms that she has done plastic surgery but people suspect she has undergone breast enhancement as well Lip’s surgery.

She has made her career in sport, TV, Modeling and has won some show but still she has not been nominated for any award .Though she usually attains award function she still hasn’t got any award till now. She donates some money for the football training center for interested children in Italy. More of the information about her can be obtained in wiki and in other many sites including her personal website. Her fans also can follow her in twitter and other social networking sites which is the easiest way to reach out to the person we desire.