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Carol Costello | Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

The charmingly beautiful Carol Costello is a Television news anchor. At present she is working for CNN and she hosts CNN Newsroom. She belongs to American Nationality. She attended Minerva High School and later completed her graduation from Kent State University. She majored in Journalism. She always knew that Journalism was for her and pursued her career in the same. The fact that she is an Emmy award winning anchor is the evidence that Carol is doing pretty good for herself career wise.

She has had a great career. Her achievements and her works have been an absolute amazing. She had interviewed some of the famous faces like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Bush and many more such iconic people. Similarly, she had covered 2008 Presidential election, inauguration of Barack Obama, and many more. Apart from those, she also has won an award for her outstanding reporting and coverage for Hurricane Katrina. She has done fantastic work during her professional life. No wonder she was hired by CNN. She can prove to be an asset to any company. She is earning a good salary from the channel.

Carol is a beautiful anchor. She oozes a charming and lively personality. She stands tall at Five feet and eight inch. She is graceful and she is pleasant to watch on television. As an anchor, they have the responsibility to wear clothes that are profession appropriate that accentuates their assets and which is attractive too. She is no stranger to any of that school of thoughts. She dresses that shows off her beautiful curves and her long sexy legs. Many speculates that she has undergone plastic surgery but no official reports have been confirmed to that as of yet.

Talking about her personal biography, Carol Costello is married already. She lives with her husband. She is more of a professional person and thus any information about her personal life is not available in abundance in any websites. She is here to work and she likes to keep it that way. She is a strict professional and according to sources, she has a good rapport with previous CNN anchors.

She is a popular TV anchor. She is liked by her viewers. She is famous in social networking sites too. Her interviews and her programs are available online. She can also be followed in her twitter account.