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Adrianne Curry | Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Adrianne Curry who was initially given the name Adrianne Marie curry was born on 6th august 1982. She is an American professional model, TV personality and spokeswomen for the Flex Belt. Curry was born in Joliet, a small town in Illinois, United States and was raised by her parents. Curry is pet lover.

She was famous as the first winner of television series “America’s next top model”. In the show she was famous for carefree beauty. For this show she paid her bills working as a waitress. Since appearing in the show, she has achieved success as a model in the fashion industry, she signed Wilhelmina Models in New York. Several magazines were modeled by her including Us Weekly, Star, Ok, Stuff, people, Life and Style, Kinis bikini, Merit Diamonds, Beverly Hills chopper advertisement and Commercial for merit Diamond and it last from November, 2004 to January, 2006. In 2005, she was 100 on maxim’s Hot 100 list. She was also a television personality and she had starred in Rock me baby, Half and Half, She appeared in rock bands The click five music video “Just the girl” with her husband.

 In year 2006 it was very tight as well it was lucky year for her because , in February of this year, she appeared on the cover and in nude pictorial for American edition playboy and in late of this year she modeled for technological demo created by Nvidia to show case their video cards. In the same year she appeared on Game Show marathon on match game episode, Celebrity paranormal project along with her husband. With successful small television roles she later achieved both critical a commercial success in her career, She has also starred in films Fallen Angel, Light Years Away and Jack. She briefly starred in a reality show My Fair Brady, with her partner at a time Christopher knights. In 2008 curry and her family and her friends appeared on Celebrate Family Feud. Curry worked as the Resident celebrity gamer panelist judge on second series of The Tester a reality program on the Play Station Network. Recently she had teamed up with comic book legend Stan Lee to create her “super fans”. According to news she was paid two million dollar for appearance for the cover of play and $450,000 has a net worth about $7 million.

She has openly discussed her childhood in which she was molested and raped when she were young. She says her hero is Bono from the band U2. She only married once with her true love and future husband Christopher knight after being engaged for less than a year.  But after marriage the couple announced their separation on May 29, 2009 and their divorce became final in 2012.She still does not have any child and has not been pregnant at all. Her height is five feet ten inch and weight is 57kg. She has a house that worth $2.5million and have a very luxurious and expensive car Range Rover. She usually wears a sparkly fashion item with five-figure price tag.

She claims that she love any Italian food with less fat and less sugar but she love spicy food, she loves pineapple and water melon. She is so health conscious only because of this she plays Basketball, softball, run track and workout a lot as her exercise to get flat stomach. She also drinks 8-10 glass of water per day to that she get clear skin. She prefers both long as well as short hair. She love rolled hair and a straight hair too. She has for more than 700 places for her shooting as well for her vacation. She has admitted having Brest enhancement surgery and being openly bisexual.

She the winner of Americas Next Top Model but she still hasn’t nominated for any award and neither has received any award till now. She is so talented and definitely she will receive award in her life. She is hot and looks great in bikini as well. Her fan can find information about her in wiki and in other many sites including her personal website. Her fans also can follow her in twitter and face book and other social networking sites .She usually share about her in twitter and love spending time in facebook.