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Viggo Mortensen

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Viggo Mortensen is a professional actor, poet, musician, photographer and painter born in New York City, USA. He is the son of the Danish father Viggo peter and an American mother Grace Gamble. His father and mother met each other in Norway. His birth name was Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr. and nickname is Vigo Guido Cuervo. His maternal grandfather was from Canada and his maternal grandmother‘s family was from England. He is the son of chicken farmer and ranches. He spends his early part of life in Manhattan. He remain there until he was 11, when his parents divorced, he returned to New York with his mother and spend his rest of childhood there. He was born on October 20, 1958.

 He was graduated from Watertown high school, New York. He then attended ST. Lawrence University, in New York earning a degree in Spanish studies and politics. With this degree he went to Europe and lived in Spain, England and Denmark and there he took job such as truck driver and selling flower. Spending about two years in Europe he then returned to United State to pursue an acting career.

 In 1985, he made his first film appearance playing an Amish Farmer in Peter Weir’s “witness”, only after several years of experience in live theater. After his screen debut in this movie his career was marked by steady string of well-rounded  performance .He have continually recognize his work, in over the past twenty years he has played  thirty movies including diverse projects like  “The portraits of lady”, “the Indian runner”, “Carliot’s way”, “GI. Jane”, “Crimson Tide”, “A perfect Murder” and “A walk on the Moon”. He has continued to explore and create in the field of photography, poetry, Art and music. A few years ago  Viggo Mortensen  and Pilar Perez started Perceval  press ,a small ,independent , publisher specialization in art ,Critical writing  and poetry .The intension of press was to publish  texts ,images, recordings, press  has also taken a strong  stand against the war in Iraq. He also worked as translator for the Swedish hockey team during the 1980 winter Olympic in lake placid. He has a net worth of $30 million.

Mortensen has a son Blake Mortensen born on 28 January, 1998. With ex-wife, singer in punk band .The couple moved to Idaho for several years .In 1997 Mortensen and his partner split up. He had followed his girlfriend back to New York City, where he found work as Viggo Mortensen has a height of 5 feet 10 inch. He has owns property in Sandpoint, Idaho and spends time when not filming. He owns expensive car they are Porsche Panamera, white Rolls Royce Ghos and Ferrari 458 Italia.

His appearance in lord of ring trilogy, he was granted honor doctorate by his Alma mater. In 2005 he was awarded the Gold Metal of the province and city .In 2010 he was awarded the knight’s cross the Order of the Dannebrog. Viggo has made short film in support of the sprit Riders foundation and a PSA for the American wild horse preservation campaign. He donate one of his painting to the “The children’s clinic” in Water Town. He donates an item to auction benefitting Save the Chimps.

He is a great fan of soccer team. He loves Italian food. His favorite food is green beans mac and cheese and potato salad. He is a healthy guy and regularly works out to stay fit and fatless. He had a successful career and regarded as successful television face. Every great peoples has great thoughts towards their profession as he revealed that he not only love his field with great passion but he brings a concept out from his experience and work that the generations to come having interest in this field will take her biography as model for the success in the field of hard work. Yet there are many interesting facts which occurred in His life which are not included here due to some reasons, so his fans can find about him more from wiki and also can follow him in social networking site as well in her personal site. It is rumored that Mortensen is a gay but the source doesn’t have enough facts to claim it.