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Troye Sivan ~ Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Very young Troye Sivan actual name Troye seven Mellet is famously known as You Tuber, actor, singer was born on 5th June 1995. His actual name is Troye Sivan Mellet. He was born in South Africa but later he moved to Australia at the age of two with his parents. He recently lives in Perth, Australia with his parents. Troye is Jewish, actually his father was born to Jewish family and later his mother converted to Judaism. He is famous for making video that he posts to video sharing website You Tube. On which he has 1000,000 subscriber and 30,000,000 viewers.

He was home schooled and enjoys photography and travel. On 7th August of year 2010 he revealed to his parents that he is Gay and just after 3 years he revealed publicly his sexual orientation by making video and uploading in You Tube entitled “Coming Out Troy” has performed as a singer at various event Both around Australia and internationally. He has got sweet singing voice. He has sang song at Channel seven Perth Telethon in the year 2006, 2007, and 2008.his 2006 performance include duet with Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian. In 2007 he made it to Grand Finale of Star search. He released his debut album Dare to Dream in the year 2008. In the same year he sang in the open strome the stage at the Burswood Entertainment Complete. In 2012 he produced hid own music video through You Tube called “The 2012 song” telling the story of year from his perspective.

Besides singing he was also interested in acting. As an actor, in 2007 he starred as Oliver Twist in the production of Oliver at the Regal Theaters. In February 2008 he was cast as Young James Howlett in X-Man Origins: Wolverine. He got part for this after video of his Telethon performance was posted on You Tube. In the same he was cast in west Australian short film “Betrand the Terrible”. In the following year, he auditioned for the lead role in Spud. He then appeared in West Australian season of play “Waiting for godot”. He then returned to South Africa for the film SPAUD 2.This movie spaud is based on the best-selling Novel.Troye is represented in all fields by William Morris/Endeavor agency, RGM Artist Group (AU) and Group III Management, Inc.

People are crazy to know about his girlfriend. Actually Troye is single. There was a common misconception that Kayla was his girlfriend as she appeared in many of his instagram posts and tweets; however he revealed that she is only his best friend. He is seriously gay so there was a misconception about Troye’s boyfriend people thinks he is dating Tyler Oakley. In real Tyler has been a mentor to Troye after he came out to his close friend and family, helping Troyes get through some of the struggle that come with being Gay.This bond may appear to some as a Relationship but seriously he is pretty cute lad. When he is shirtless, he looks ridiculously cute. Troy has height of 5 feet 8 inch.

He was nominated for Australian Webstrum Award in 2013.He is actively involved in charity. In 2012 he opened the “We are the World 25 for Haiti (You Tube edition).The collaborative charity music video produced by Lisa Lavie to help raise money for victims of 2010 Haiti earth quake. He also sang song for homeless child “For them” .The purpose of Troy’s making this project is to raise awareness that there are over 100 million homeless in world.

At the time of posting his video Vlog, Sivan has accumulated 27,000 subscribers in his five years on You Tube. In 2013 Troye’s has over 30 million views across You Tube videos and more than 1000,000 subscribers. His You Tube account is in the Top 20 most subscribed channel. Sivan’s other social Media accounts also have strong follower. His twitter account has over 600000 followers, his instagram account has over 145,000 followers and his Facebook account has over 50,000 likes. Sivan takes time to interact with his fans on this site to strengthen the relationship between himself and his Fans. Sivan also posts actively on his Tumbler account. His fans can find about him in Wiki.