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Ryan Higa ~ Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Ryan Higa is famous American You Tube celebrity with You Tube user name “Nigahiga” which has about 3 million subscribers. He is an actor and producer known for Agents of secrets and Ninja Melk, Ryan and Sean’s not so excellent Adventures. His video is known for You Tube Comedy videos which have been viewed over 1.6 billion times. He was born in Hilo, Hawaii, United States, On June6, 1990.He complete Judo and holds a Black belt. He is American Nationality and Japanese ethnicity.

He was graduated from Waiakea High school. He and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi began posting video of them lip-synching to song while attending school. They quickly expand beyond song with the variety of other comedy pieces. On Christmas Eve of 2008, Higa and FujIyoshi’s two most popular videos, How to be gangster and How to be Emo, were removed due to violation because of this nigahiga account was temporarily suspended since then Higa started composing music himself. Due to Ryan moved to Los Vegas for college, most of Nigahiga videos were solo efforts, usually featuring Collaboration with other You Tube users. However the other members of Yabo Crew had made appearances whenever Higa visits Hawaii. This You Tube channels were created by Ryan Higa, Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, TarynnNago in the year 2006.He created the second channel under the name of HigaTV in 2011, where he has posts video blogs behind the scenes movie. Just after nearly 2 years this channel had a subscriber of 1.8 million.

With success of son videos and so there came a time where he moved for the film. Los Angeles Producer Richard Van Vleet offered to help them create their first Feature –film. The resulting Film was “Sean’s not so Excellent Adventure” released in 2008.Ryan Sean’s Not so Excellent is about a down on his luck movie produce, played by Micheal Buckley, who is seeking out famous celebrity in order to make hit movie in just 30 days .He choose Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi after discovering popularity of their You Tube videos. He invites them to Hollywood to make a movie and they accept it. Ninja Melk, a 26 minute short movie about ninjas were released on August, 2009. Later about 35 minute film he created with Woung Fu production called “Agents of Secretes Stuff”  was uploaded on Ryan’s channel on November 2010.It features some other popular You Tube users as well as actor like Aki Aleong.”Agents off Secretes Stuff” were about Teenagers who has sent to undercover to a high school to protect one of the students, a girl named Taylor. Higaalso has starred on an episode Supah Ninjas, playing DJ Elephant, a master plotter who uses Hypnotizing electronic music to make people fall asleep to commit robberies. He has a net worth of $2 million. He has earned his net worth from his YouTube channel created by him and his friend Sean Fuji Yoshi.

Ryan Higa is not married neither have a child and he is too young to have a baby. But he definitely had a girlfriend named TarynnNago. They were dating each other from 2004 but because of misunderstanding they broke up with each other in 2009. But he still wears that rig given by her girlfriend as a promise ring; he is still commitment to her. After he broke up he was single for certain time and he still claims he is single but there are rumor that he is committed. People also says he has a girlfriend, But no one conforms who actually is his girlfriend because he is changing his girlfriend all the time.

His fans love to see his abs so his fans prefer him to have his Shirtless photos and videos uploaded. But personally he claimed that he doesn’t want to be shirtless in his video and photos i.e. he prefers shirt.

Ryan Higa was among the 20 nominees for two Audience Choice Awards at 2013 steamy Award. He was also nominated in shortly Award for the best in Social Media. He also does charity .He did a pretty cool thing to help japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

His detail bio can be found in wiki. He also posts actively on Tumbler account. He interacts with his fan in his Fansite to strength the relationship between him and his fans.