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Ray William Johnson ~ Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Ray William Johnson is an American video blogger, producer and actor who were born in August 14; 1981.He was born on Oklahoma City, United States. He is best known for his YouTube Series Equals Three in which he commentary on Viral Videos. He started out making YouTube videos and eventually moved on to become an actor/producer /performer. He holds an American Nationality but we can’t find anywhere that says his ethnicity. Maybe it’s best if we don’t know about his ethnicity. One Industry publication noted that Johnson had six of the Top twenty most watched videos of the month .In early September 2012, Johnson accumulated nearly 2 billion views .As of December 2013, and the Ray William Johnson You Tube Channel has over 10 million subscriber and over 2.5 billion Video views.

He was graduated from Norman North High School. In an interview he says he was studied at Columbia University as a history major while his profile adds he was preparing to Study Law. Johnson started his Format show “Equals Three”, as a way to combine two popular video styles.In Equals Three, John reviews, criticizes and adds commentary to some of internet latest viral videos. Equals Three is one of the most subscribed channels on You Tube, having over 10 million subscribers in December 2013, and has been recognized by Guinness world. In January 2011, Johnson launched a collaborative You Tube channel called “Your Favorites Martian”(YFM) ,which features animated music videos .The songs are performed by a Virtual band of Four fictional cartoon character. Johnson writes lyrics, raps, sings, composes beats and sometimes collaborates with other musicians to produce the songs.YFM has released 31, original songs, 2 remix of original songs, 1 remix of another artist’s songs, 1 remix of another artist’s songs, 1 mash up, and 8 cover through the channel. In august 2013 the channel had over 2.2 million subscribers.Johnson announced that the YFM Project “has been retired “in November 2012

In 2010 Johnson started a daily video blog or vlog title breaking NYC. He made vlog almost daily while living in New York City. Later he moved to Los Angeles after nearly a year long- hiatus,he resumed contributing to video blog channel, by creating a new higher quality series that contain a similar format.The new series title Banking Los Angeles and the Adventures of puff Puff. The new video is released to Los Angeles every Friday.Ray often have popular guest featured on channel such as rapper Wax, Hoodie Allen, and Dumb founded,Slam poet George, Watsky.

In October 2012, Johnson moved Equals Three away from maker studio, a multichannel You Tube network he had hired to help produce the show. He had announced his departure in an episode of Equals Three .Johnson has stated that he left Maker Studios due to the pressure the company put on him into signing a new contract. Johnson released image of contract. On May 2013, Johnson announced he signed a deal to produce a sitcom for American television network. He has a net worth of $ 5 million. He is highest paying celebrity among the other You Tube celebrity.

There were a rumor about his marriage .People thought he got married, but he hasn’t confirmed it and its too difficult  to find weather he is married or not because he has kept his profile so low.  But He is currently dating Anna Akana. It has been mentioned in breaking LA. It has also been mentioned in Anna’s vlog /YouTube channel. His girlfriend is an Actress. Once he has put his shirtless photo on You Tube, his ladies fan got crazy for his abs. He was looking ridiculously cute while he is Shirtless. He told his height is 5 Feet 8 inch but people think he is shorter than he told, because of this he is constantly making insult about himself  for being under 5 foot.

He donated the some of his earning to Cancer Research center as well to the child care center.His fans can follow him in his personal website like Face book as well Fan site.He keeps updating about him for his Fan.Detailed information about him can be found in wiki.