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Michelle Plan ~ Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Just another old soul, dreamer and Childlike faith Michelle Phan is a successful YouTube person. Teaching and inspiring everyone to become their own best make-up artist. Michelle Phan also known as Rice Bunny became notable as a YouTube celebrity is a professional American Make up demonstrator and entrepreneur. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts at 11 April 1987, to Vietnamese parents. Her family eventually settles Tampa, Florida. She lived with her brother Steve and mother. She has stepfather and half-sister. She enjoys drawing, videogame, and she played trumpet she said that she fell in love with makeup because she felt like she was drawing on the face. Though she is a Make –up demonstrator she originally intended to become a Doctor at the wish of her mother, who didn’t approve of her fascination with cosmetics.

Michelle Phan at first attended the Tampa Bay Technical High school. Later because of her Fascination with cosmetic she convinced her mother and attended the class and drop out at Ringling College of Art and Design and Massachusetts college of Art and Design. It was when she received laptop and she use webcam to make her first YouTube video which was make up tutorial.

In the year 2005, she had her own personal blog in which she discussed different make-up tutorial and she received request for more instruction. This was her first video in YouTube. She than began posting her tutorial blog on Xang under the user name Rice bunny and then began publishing in You Tube. She patterned her production style on Boss Ross. There is something very special about narration and voice-over. Her makeup instruction, Lady Gaga “poker face” tutorial and Lady Gaga bad romance” brought her over a million subscribers. She became you tube advertising partner and launch FAWN you tube multi-channel network. Format expanded plan’s offering with additional host and guest. She has included her reviews of beauty products in her videos. In 2011 she co-founded “MY GLAM” a monthly beauty subscription service that is filled with beauty products that are associated to tutorials and website. In mid-2012 “MY GLAM” underwent a web design change to be more members inclusive this resulted in name change from “MY GLAM” to lpsy. It hosted the Generation Beauty, a conference in Los Angeles for beauty blogger.

Phan in conjunction with L’Oreal lunched new cosmetic line called EM Michelle Phan. Her make up line is controlled under L’Oreal Luxe division which also holds interest in other high end companies.  It was Carole Hamilton who helped Phan start her makeup line. Phan paid special attention for Quality, Texture and color. Phan makeup line was released in 15th August 2013.She hosted a competition between three colleges in three different states, where students were students were challenged to create a packaging for her new line. It is estimated that she has a Net worth of $3 million. People have never thought at that age is impossible to achieve.

On June 2, 2012 she told she was in relationship with Dominique Capraro. Her boyfriend Capraro is a Valaisian model and participants of Mr. Switzerland in 2011.They met with each other in Parisian café in the year 2010. Ending their affair life they got married with each other. They both have now moved to Los Angeles.

She has a body measurement of 34-24-35 and has an average height of five feet and one inch. Phan has always dealt with speculation about getting plastic Surgery. She has been advocate for Natural beauty and self-acceptance saying “I am going to rock what god gave me”. She denies having plastic surgery. She also works out to stay healthy rather than dieting. She is food lover and loves eating.

Michelle Phan has helped to raise the awareness for malaria eradication. In response to a Tampa sexual assault case, Phan helped to organize a charity fashion show called Fashion for compassion in September of 2008,rising over $ 20,000 for the victim. She had also donated about $2000 for the red cross of Japan.

Her detail biography is available in wiki. Her fans can follow her in her personal website. She is active in Twitter, Facebook. Many YouTube videos are seen made by her worldwide daily and people find amazed to subscribe to her videos.