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KevJumba ~ Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

KevJumba is the YouTube user name of best known YouTube Celebrity Kevin Wu. YouTube celebrity Kevin Wu is a Taiwanese American Comedian. Kevin Wu was born in June12, 1990. He was born to Michael Wu, Taiwanese immigrants. Michael Wuh is father is computer engineer and about his mother, no one really knows except Kevin’s family. She probably wants that privacy, so she didn’t partake in YouTube videos Unlike His dad. Wu is widely known for posting humorous videos. Kevin was born in Houston, Texas. Kevin Wu is best known for making comedic video and blogs on You Tube. As of November 2013 Kevin’s Wu main You Tube channel, KevJumba has over three million subscriber. He is of American Nationality but Taiwanese ethnicity. In one of Kevin’s video he told he was an only child, which was later proven wrong by his father.

Kevin Wu was graduated from Clements high school which was in Sugar Land, Texas. He is currently on an indefinite leave from the University of California, Davis. From this university he is doing Majored in film. When Wu’s “I have to deal with stereotype” video was featured in You Tube’s home page, his number of viewers increased. In this video Kevin talk about Stereotype he has to deal with an Asian. He tries to disprove his cheapness by bragging about recent purchase of “brand new, top of the line, TI 84 Calculator”. Following his video “Butt hash Hero”, Wu introduced his Father, Papa Jumba onto his YouTube channel, and his father made several appearances in candid video clips taken by his son. This video where his father was introduced was growing popularly among viewers, his father made a Debut in “I Love My Dad”. Wu had more than 3000,000 subscribers and more than 25 million views of his channel. By May 29,2008 ,Wu became  one of three East Asian under the age of 21 to be in top five of YouTube’s all time most subscribed  users with 187 ,000  subscriber and more than 5.9 million views. By June 5, 2008 he became the number one subscribed comedian on You Tube. In 2007, Wu appeared on the” The CW Television Network”. In 2011 began performing with yesterday, Today, Fever along with other You Tube Personalities. The grouped perform their first concert in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In the year 2010 he appeared to the 17th season of The Amazing Race, with his father. It is American Television Reality game show. There best placement was a third place Finish in Leg 2 and Leg 6.There Worst placement was a last place finish in Leg 3, a non-eliminating leg. They ended up in seventh place and eliminated in Leg7, after being issued two 30-minute penalties for using car to travel between task and leg when they were instructed to walk.   Wu is currently appearing in the pre-commercials on cartoon Network‘s Flicks. In late 2011 he began working in the film LLC. In 2012, December He released his first full length feature movie “Hang Loose”. The film is currently being marketed through Wu’s official blog. He had once officially announced he is participating on Face book. It is estimated that he has Net Worth of $2.5 million dollar.

Kevjumba does have a girlfriend. He has not ever mentioned at all.He has kept his profile so low that right now of 2013,no idea about his girlfriend.But back in 2008 area,he was dating a girl named Madison. He has another private account he made with his friend that always featured her in it.He talks a lot about relationship, but he is pretty private as far as that goes.  

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Jeff Yang notated that Wu is not comedian in the conventional sense. Wu has another You Tube account going by user name, Jumba Fund, which donates all of its earning to a charity that viewers suggest Wu donated about $6000 to charity in Kenya, Which later built the school.

His detail information can be found in Wiki. His fan can follow him in his personal website, Twitter and other social sites as well. His profile is easily accessible from internet.