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Joey Essex Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Very Young, Dashing and intelligence Joey Essex whose birth date was on 29 July 1990, is a professional reality television personality and promoter for a sugar hut, a night club. His birth place was on southward, England. He represents his nationality as a British. He was raise by his parents, father Donald Essex and mother Tina Essex till he was 10years old but when he was 10 years his mother committed suicide. He also has a sister and the pretty lady is Frankie Essex.

He started his carrier in TV world by his first appearance on the series’ first of  “The Only Way is Essex ” as supporting cast both his sister and cousin were star in this show, then after gathering some working experience, he was then promoted to series three. In 2011 he recorded and released a song titles as “Reem” but song was not hit in UK ,in same year he appeared on the “All-star family fortune” Christmas special playing for his team. In 2012 he appeared at a Professional Beauty show to promote Crazy Angel Fake Take-in 2013 Essex lunched a hair products Dream hair and he opened his shop fussey in Brentwood, Joey  was all smiling  on Saturday as he opened  his clothing store Fusey in Brentwood, hundreds of his fans lined Brentwood high street as he opened his shop he was surprised to see that and he thank all of them and  in the same year he appeared in the  Volvic advertisement and after this he again lunched a fragrances named “fusey after shave ”for man and “My girl perfume ” for women. In 13th November of the same year he appeared in thirteen series of, I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” after he had quit the “The only way is Essex”. He is not good advert for British education system, he left his school when he was 16 till then he was educated by fully qualified teachers. He earns a million of quarter pound every week. He has net worth of more than 10 million pound.

Joey Essex is still unmarried so there no point to talk about his divorce and his own children. His family has his father Donald Essex, mother Tina Essex and her sister Frankie Essex. As he is a star and as well a business man he has to travel to different places for his shooting and business deal. He drives the range rover as his car and wears a Rolex. He usually wear a sparkly fashion item with five-figure price tag .Joey Essex was in love affair with Sam Faiers a towie star but because  of some misunderstanding they  broke up  at late 2011  and after some break they had patch up but they split again on screen at July 2013 ,because of some arguments. Joey body measurements include height of 5 foot 6inch

He mostly prefers half saved hair but he too loves bizarre hair style. He prefers specific exercise focused for his abs. He has a great smile and looks cool showing his teeth. His favorite fruit is pineapple and he doesn’t like fatty foods but Joey said he tries to stay healthy if he starts suffering from acne he changes his diet and drink more water but he really  doesn’t like fatty foods .Essex  told  he don’t really worry about his appearance and claimed that he will never have plastic surgery. He think people should appreciate ones personality appreciate your personality, though he always try to look as good as possible.

Joey Essex has won the Audience award at the BAFTA award 2011 for “The only way is Essex” series. He is kind heart person so he also does some charity work, He had donated his red chopper bike which was valued £500 and his gadgets too to raise money for heaven house children’s Hospic. More of the information about him can be obtained in wiki and other many sites including her personal website.  Though he do not waste his time uploading picture  in social networking site but he  sometime found engaged in twitter and facebook. His fans can also follow him in twitter and other social networking sites which is the easiest way to reach out to the person we desire. Joey famous quotes also can be obtained from internet easily.