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Jack Harries ~ Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Jack Harries is an English Vlogger and former child actress, who was born in 13th may 1993. He was born in London, England. Jack is the son Andy Harries and Rebecca Frayn. His father Andy Harries is the television and film producer, where as his mother Rebecca Frayn is English documentary Film maker. He is one of his parents Three child. Harries has Twin brother Finn Harries and a younger sister Emmy Lou. He was brought up by his parents in Cheswick, London. His maternal grandfather is playwright and Novelist. He best knew for appearing with his twin Brother Finn on the You Tube channel. There videos are scripted in advanced and it may take three days to make. It’s their full time job.

He attended “The Harrodian School” first when he was at the age of eight and remained there till he was eighteen. He studied A-Level, media, Photography, and History of Arts from this school. He had AAB grades and because of this he then took up a place at the University of Bristol. He began his acting career at the age of thirteen, playing as the son of Brendan Coyle in the dramatic television movie “Perfect parents”. In the following year he appeared as Barry in the episode of BBC comedy program “Comedy Shuffle”. In 2008 he joined the cast of the teen Sketch Comedy program “School of Comedy”. The program is inspired by a performance given by Harries and his classmate at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, first aired as a pilot on the long-running channel 4 Showcase Comedy Lab. On the program, Harries portrayed a verity of character in various comedy sketches, including appearing alongside his twin brother, Finn Harries who portrayed his "clone “in two segments. In 2011 he appeared in KFC commercial. In same year he started his own YouTube channel “Jack gap” a way of documenting his gap year. Recounting how he began his You Tube channel, He explained “The idea of connecting with an audience out of my bedroom just below my mind-and I wanted to give it a go. I thought nobody will watch a kid making video “and for four months, nobody did. Then I put Finn in a video and the views suddenly shot up.” Jack appears in every video except for one, while Finn appears intermittently and is responsible for the logo and branding for the channel.

You Tube channel “Jack gap” in the year 2012 hit 10,000 subscribers .The video content of Jacks Gap ranges from vlogs and comedy sketch  to bungee jumping ,unicycling and making balloon animals. In 2013 that video reaches one million subscribers but just after two years of creation Jack gap hit two million subscribers and went so on reaching three million subscribers in November of 2013 and their meantime, their days are packed with YouTube meet-ups, business conferences and finalizing the plans for two new projects: a Smartphone app and a new social network and finally in September 2012   Harries twins were finalized for a new smart phone app and social network ,both based on Jack gaps. He does not want to reveal, what is his net worth.

His interest of becoming television presenter expressed in September. He then began studying drama, television and film in University of Bristol .His twin brother was studying graphic designing in University of Leeds. Studying drama, television, film was the plan before their YouTube channel took off. Jack boy height of five feet three inch was in relationship with Ella Grace Denton, but they broke with each other in early 2013.He recently does not have girlfriend. There was a rumor that Jack Hillarie’s is a gay or Bi. He later clarified that he is not gay in fact he is straight. Actually what happened is, on younow broadcast he jokingly said he was bi, however he clarify in second broad cast after Tumbler went crazy. Jack Hillarie shirtless, they are ridiculously cute.

Jack Harries and his twin brother are helping to raise money for “The Rainbow center’. It is school set up to help the younger generation providing education as well as a basic need.

His biography can be found in Wiki. His fans can follow him in twitter, Face book and his personal site.