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Isabella Cruise

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

The heartthrob of the Hollywood Tom Cruise and actress Nicole Kidman adopted two children after their marriage among them one is Isabella Cruise. She was born on December 1992. However her initial name was Isabella Jane and there are no any clue for her biological parents. With her the couple also adopted second child Connor Antony born on January 1995.  Her parents divorced and she was with her father but lately she has been staying with her mother and her half-sisters after having disputes with Tom. At present she is at the age of 21. She worked at a clothing line which was owned by his other wife Katie Holmes.

Isabella Cruise worked at the Katie’s clothing line. Later she was suddenly fired by Katie Holmes who owned the business and is the wife of Tom. Even the clothing line and Isabella were doing well. She was amazed to her the news and could not believe that someone would do that. She was unknown to the disgrace between her father and Katie Holmes. Katie was filing a divorce in the court and she was pretty sure that she doesn’t need to have any connection with Isabella as she was the adopted daughter of Tom. Bella called Katie Mom and she was fired out of blue. When the facts came out about the divorce then she realized that it was a carefully planned ambush. Katie didn’t want Bella working for her anymore because she was Tom’s Kid. She is currently living in London, England where she is studying art.

Isabella has a controversial personal life. She is surrounded with difficulties. Initially it was very hard for her to believe about her parents splitting. She was not been able to spend quality time with her mother. Nicole Kidman and Bella were starting to enjoy their company and Kidman was taking good care of Bella and her education but suddenly the Cruise couple filed divorce. Then she was living with her scientology father Tom Cruise. Isabella was in a relationship with her boyfriend Eddie Frencher. They were together for several years before quitting their relationship. The couple was in great relationship but after shifting to London the pair had difficulties managing and the eight hour difference also started negative effect on them. It was hard for them to handle long distance relationship and finally leaving no other options they departed. After ending the relationship with Bella he also ended links with scientology although the contract states that when one is associated with the organization he should commit for billion years. Their fathers were scientologist and they were also influenced by it. Bella was asked to join the group yet Tom made it clear that she is not a public figure and a celebrity therefore it would be best for her to keep her privacy. But lately the couple has been spotted being together yet it has not been verified.

Bella is keen on trying different looks. She likes to change her fashion style frequently. In 2013 she was spotted with the dress up making her look like a punk kid. She is happy to keep her hair short and colored. She isn’t so shy anymore. The 21 year old daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman attended an art opening in London. She was dressed in cleavage-baring mini dress. She has been experimenting with a punk-rock style in 2013, having colored her hair green, pink and lilac all since the New Year. Bella has been working hard to lose her weight and has been successful to do it as well. In her recent picture it can be seen her losing some weight yet she need to work hard in order to get slim body. The amount of fat has been reduced but not far she wanted to. She is still working to have good measurements of her body by reducing the unnecessary fat. Bella is eyeing to have a bikini body sooner. With the comparison done in the picture between Tom and Bella, she is nearly having height of Tom.

Large amount of gossips and rumors about Bella can be found in internet. She debuted her new pink pixie cut hairdo on twitter. She is frequently seen in social media yet likes to keep her privacy. Facts about her can be found in her father’s profile in wiki as well.