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Hanna Hart ~ Biography

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Famously known Hanna Hart is an actress and producer. As a modern internet using human, one’s online life is not complete if you haven’t being –watched one or all of the following: known please subscriber, Rewind You Tube style, My Drunk Kitchen, Which made Hanna famous. This massive success has led the trio, who often offer crossover episodes, to more than 3 million You Tube subscribers, 300,000 Twitter followers and 250,000 facebook likes. She was born in November 2, 1986 on Bay area, California but recently she resides on Los Angeles. She grew up in a conservative Christian family. She holds an American Nationality.

She attended college at Berkeley and graduated in May 2009 with two degree: one in English literature and in Japanese language. Upon her graduation hart moved Brooklyn, New York trying to purse a writing career. She ended up proofreading, Japanese and English for a Manhattan based translating firm instead of her initial dream of writing screenplay. Within two months of launching her YouTube channel, she had become a YouTube partner and ended up quitting her 9-5 job in order to focus on My Drunk Kitchen .She moved back to Los Angels and lived with roommates until she moved into a house of her own. She came up with the idea for her show on video chat with a friend, who was complementing her cooking skill. She had repressed she is Lesbian until she moved to New York.

Hart success is divided between her main you Tube channel on ‘My Harto’, on which she uploads her My Drunk Kitchen videos and a second channel called ‘Your Harto’ which contains videos from My Drunk Kitchen ,as well as travel vlogs ,life updates, fan mail reviews and relationship advice.

She originate My Drunk Kitchen on 2011 when she was at the age of 24.She was chatting with her friend over web cam. When her friend mentions she would love hart to cook for her .So she opened the bottle of wine and made a grilled cheese sandwich. Her friend suggested she upload on you Tube to share with other friends. The 24 yrs old Gay girl’s parody of cooking show has been picking up steam since its online debut in March .The pilot found her downing a bottle of wine while making a grilled cheese sandwich, a plan that fizzled when she realized she didn’t have any cheese. My drunken kitchen skyrocketed to success almost immediately, boasting over 3 million hits on Hart’s You Tube channel within months, earning Hart a You Tube partnership. My Drunk Kitchen skyrocketed to success almost immediately, boasting over 3 million hits on Hart's YouTube channel within months, earning Hart a YouTube partnership. On January 3.2013 she posted a You Tube video, considering she was on the world Tour show. This show consist three parts. The theme song for the tour, written by Hart, was accomplished by a video of fans jaunting in front of favorite places. The song is called “Don’t wait to say Hello”. The obvious next step for her and her funny friends Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart was a movie, which they announced on their live filter show .Together these comediennes starred in a movie called Camp Takota.

Hanna is fond of having a tattoo and piercing. She had uploaded her photo on her face book showing her Chest tattoo. This photo of her has received more than 30,000 likes.

Beside her professional or focusing on her career she also has enjoyed her personal life. She too has created her own Love life. She has been dating many girls. She was first dating with Grace.Hanna’s girlfriend Grace, Forget her boyfriend easily. Later they broke up with each other and Hanna started dating with Sarah. There was a rumor Sarah later broke up with Hanna and got patch up with her ex-boyfriend.

In 2013 in Shorty Award she was nominated as Best of Social media for Hanna Hart. In same year she won Streamy Award for the category of Best Female Performance: Comedy for her My Drunk Kitchen.

Her fans can follow her in her personal site and she keep in touch with the fans in Fan site. Detailed information about her can be found in wiki.