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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

WyoTech, previously known as Wyoming Technical Institute, is a school for technical studies. It was founded in 1966 in Laramie, Wyoming, United States and now operates in California, Pennsylvania and Wyoming. Initially, Wyotech was an automotive-themed school, under the ownership of Corinthian Colleges, Inc. and by now it has grown to four campuses offering various degree and diploma programs in the fields of diesel, automotive, construction trades, motorcycle, collision refinishing, as well as marine technology. Besides that, it also offers advanced training programs in light duty diesel; high performance power trains; applied service management; trim and upholstery technology; motorsports chassis fabrication; street rod and custom fabrication; and advanced automotive diagnostics. WyoTech is nationally accredited but is yet to receive not regionally accreditation. WyTech is dedicated to providing high quality, college-level, career-oriented education and each course at WyoTech is designed to provide the students with the skills they need to achieve their education goals. WyoTech's key objectives are to convey specific skills and knowledge, to graduate each and every student who begins training and also to place them in their chosen fields achieved through a good blend of the curriculum, the faculty and staff, and the facilities and learning environment.

WyoTech's curriculum allows students to concentrate solely on learning technical skills in diploma courses or to expand their education with associate degree programs. Most WyoTech diploma courses can be completed in less than a year and a half. WyoTech prepares students for the post-graduation working world by teaching on a workday, not a school day schedule. Most students attend classes approximately eight hours a day, five days a week. It also provides career training courses which are short term and can be completed in less than 16 months. WyoTech degrees are completed in twelve months with add-on classes lasting four months each.

There are currently five WyoTech campuses across the country. The Wyotech Laramie Campus was founded in 1966 and is the first WyoTech campus. It offers courses such as Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology and Collision Refinishing Technology and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology. The WyoTech Blairsville campus was found in the spring of 2002 is accredited by the state and has received approval from 48 state governing authorities. The courses offered there are similar to that of Laramie. The WyoTech, Daytona campus was established in January 1972 and offers courses in Marine Specialist and Motorcycle Technology with advanced specialized training on Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Ducati motorcycles. Since 1962, WyoTech - Fremont, initially named Sequoia Institute, has been offering courses on Motorcycle Technology, Applied Automotive Technology, and Advanced Automotive Diagnostics. The WyoTech, Long Beach Campus was founded in 1969 as the Rosston School and offers career-oriented education in the electrical, health care, HVAC, plumbing, and automotive career fields. Diplomas and Certificates are available in Automotive-Diesel Combination, Automotive Technology, Collision & Refinishing, Diesel Technology, Residential HVAC, Marine Technology, Motorcycle Technology, Plumbing and Structural Electricity. Similarly, specialty courses are offered in Advanced Automotive Diagnostics, Applied Service Management, or ASM, Chassis Fabrication, High Performance Powertrain, Light-Duty Diesel, Street Rod and Trim & Upholstery.

WyoTech has high tuition fee, typically 300% to 400% more expensive than programs at community colleges. Therefore, Wyotech's provides financial aid to the deserving students with the programs such as Federal Work Study (FSW), Payment Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, Federal Pell Grant Program, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan and Federal Perkins Loan. The college welcomes students not only from all over the states but from all over the world. International students are accepted into all the colleges of WyoTech except WyoTech's Long Beach Campus. The students at WyoTech get to join a wonderful team of likeminded students who are equally passionate about the career field. The instructors at WyoTech come from an industry where they love what they do and will relentlessly work with the students on projects and pass on tips and knowledge required on a daily basis. Besides competent faculty and staffs, WyoTech also boasts of its facilities which are full of vehicles, testing equipment and tools and everything else to ensure that the students receive what they need in the process of learning to achieve success in the workplace. The college also has a career service department which helps the students prepare for interviews, construct a winning resume and provide appropriate job listings. Employment is not guaranteed, but career services help is available for graduates. Wyotech's job placement rate is yet to be disclosed.

WyoTech has been one of the most searched for college for a long time. Because of its quality technical education, facilities and career prospects, WyoTech attracts students from the whole world. The university not only provides formal education but also works prepares student for the outer world. WyoTech promotes equal opportunity for all potential and current students and employees not discriminating against any individual on the basis of sex, race, national origin, color, political affiliation, religion, veteran status, sexual orientation, age, or disability status. With some of the highest graduation rates of any two-year schools in the United States, it has a reputation for preparing the students for the outer world so that they have a good hold in their graduate school or their chosen professions. To find out more about WyoTech, one can visit their official website which contains all the detailed information on any of the required topics. It can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.