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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Westwood is one of the leading online college which is famous worldwide. Westwood is situated in the Southern California, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago while the Westwood College Online is in the California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and in the state of Virginia, United States. The Westwood College was established in the year of 1953. Till the date, Westwood has got more than 37000 students who completed their graduation. Westwood is a private institution which is a profit motivated college while it has got the motto “A Place Where You Can Succeed”. At the beginning of the establishment of the college it was named as Denver Institute of Technology which had the course offerings of degree as well as the diploma programs. The degrees and the diplomas were in several technical fields too. After the expansion of the Westwood, the college was later named to Westwood College. Westwood College is the part of Alta Colleges Inc. which is for the higher education. Altogether there are about 14 Westwood colleges in the five states of the United States.

Talking about the academic programs of the Westwood College, it has got the offerings of 25 degree programs while the course is through the internet and also has the access of the audio and the visual technology. The text books which are provided is also associated with the virtual classrooms and the course works are associated too. Westwood college has also got the partnership with some other public schools which has provided various supports too which includes several technologies and financial support too. The partnerships with the schools are with Atlanta Public along with A Better Chicago and also with the Crusher’s Club. The partnership from the schools has got the youth of the Chicago to be involved in some recreational activities like athletic, artistic and other interactive works too. The association had been done to improve the programs to improvise the Denver Public Schools.

The curriculum has been done according to the term schedule following the degree programs which starts from five times a year. The courses are offered online and have been during the day as well as the evening shift too. The students can achieve the associate degree which is in 20 months or the complete bachelor’s degree in three years. The courses are according to the degree program and the students enrolled too. The degree programs which are associated with the Westwood has been done under different six schools. The schools are, School of Design, School of Business, School of Technology, School of Justice, School of Industrial Services and School of Healthcare. The schools associated has got its own programs and also depends upon the region as it is only available in certain locations. The graduated students from the Westwood College can take the courses for the updates and continue to learn about the new learning too. The students willing to complete their graduation mostly gets enrolled at the Emory University for their bachelors degree. There has been a easy transfer from the Westwood College to the Emory University. Emory University approves all the credits and also has other transferring procedures for the students enrolled at the Westwood College.

About the admission procedure of the Westwood College, it has got the open admission policy while the applicants are both applicable for the federal student loans and the Pell grants. There has also been a controversy as Westwood was listed in one of the 15 institutions which had the accusation for the encouragement of fraudulent practices after there had been an undercover investigation. The fraudulent had been shown for encouraging the applicants to hide assets and also for the overstate financial need. Apart from that Westwood has also been involved in several lawsuits. In topical years Westwood College has been the subject matter of controversy related to a sequence of lawsuits and some students' lack of ability to reassign credits to other colleges and universities. In May 2009, Westwood accomplished a federal lawsuit over distortion of its graduation information for $7 million, without admitting unlawful activity. Westwood faced a negotiation filed by the firm James, Hoyer, Newcomer, Smiljanich & Yanchunis in 2009, demanding its admissions and financial aid procedures. The suit against Westwood was released because a judge found that it did not deserve class action condition, but the court is allowing students to bring individual argues before the court. The court ruled that the undergraduate who led the class-action suit resulting “most if not all, of his knowledge of the case from his attorneys” and appeared to be slight more than a eyewitness to the suit.

In 2010, Westwood College faced additional dictatorial difficulties in Texas, Wisconsin, and Colorado. The Texas Workforce Commission took action to withdraw the licenses of Westwood's three Texas campuses due to unease raised in a federal General Accounting Office investigation, but in early 2011 gave the school full endorsement. In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board controlled Westwood to stop admitting students in its online college in late 2010, but upturned that order early in 2011. The Colorado Attorney General's office reached a settlement with the college in 2012, following a two-year analysis. As part of the agreement, the college did not acknowledge any liability and settled to pay the state $2 million in fine, reimbursement and attorneys fees and expenses. Westwood also will acclaim another $2.5 million in reimbursement directly to students who invested their tuition with the school’s institutional financing curriculum. West wood was also accused for the misguidance of the job opportunities.