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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Located in Hobbs, New Mexico ‘University of the Southwest’ is a private inter denominational four year educational institution. It was founded in the year 1962. Prior to its establishment as ‘University of the Southwest’, it existed as a ‘two-year Baptist institution’. The college was initially named as College of the Southeast. It was in March 2008, when the college name changed into ‘University of the Southwest’ by the vote of Board of Trustees. The University is regionally accredited by the ‘North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’. The founder and first president appointed of the University was ‘B. Clarence Evans’. The University started to transform and expand from a commuter college of primarily ‘non-traditional’ students to a ‘residential campus’ under the leadership of ‘President Gary A. Dill’. It has a mission of developing both men and women for a lifetime of servant leadership by emphasizing on individual faith, responsibility and initiative.

The University is currently offering baccalaureate degrees in ‘education’, ‘business administration’, ‘sports management’, ‘criminal justice’, ‘psychology’ and other. In addition to this, it is also offering Master’s degree in various educational disciplines like ‘business’, ‘counseling’, ‘special education’ and ‘bilingual education’. The University has more than 50 undergraduate programs and 15 graduate programs which can be studied either from online study or at campus located in Hobbs. It is offering its academic programs through three schools named as: ‘School of Arts and Sciences’, ‘School of Business & Professional Studies’ and ‘School of Education’. The first school ‘School of Arts and Sciences’ is established with a motive of providing ‘quality education’ in wide range of academic disciplines. This school is offering the various degrees like ‘Biological Sciences’, ‘Christian Studies’, ‘English’, ‘General Studies’, ‘History’, ‘Psychology’ and ‘Social Science’. Likewise, its second school ‘School of Business’ prepares students to pursue their career in many areas of business. The School is offering ‘Undergraduate Programs’ and ‘Graduate Programs (online)’. The Students can learn the subjects like ‘Accounting’, ‘Criminal Justice’, ‘E-Commerce’, ‘Energy Management’, ‘Finance’, ‘Global Business Management’, ‘Management’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Sports Management’. In addition to this, they are offered with ‘Master’s of Business Administration’, ‘Master’s of Business Administration’ and ‘MBA, Sport Management & Recreation’ under its Graduate Programs. The third school of the University ‘School of Education’ prepares students for a successful career in ‘Education’. It is currently offering Undergraduate Programs in ‘BS in Education- Elementary Education (K-8), ‘BS in Education- Secondary Education (7-12)’ and ‘BS in Education- Special Education (K-12)’. It is also offering ‘Graduate Programs (online)’ in ‘MS in Education, Counseling: Mental Health’, ‘MS in Education, Counseling: School Counselor’, ‘MS in Education, Curriculum and Instruction (Teaching K-12)’, ‘MS in Education, Curriculum and Instruction—Bilingual’, ‘MS in Education, Curriculum and Instruction—TESOL’, ‘MS in Education, Early Childhood Education’, ‘MS in Education, Educational Administration’ and ‘MS in Education, Special Education’.

Each year, the large number of students visits this University in a search of academic excellence. For the admission in Undergraduate programs, the students have to fulfill some criteria of the University. All the students must have to submit their official high school or homeschool transcripts. The Students also have to submit official GED transcript and a completed admissions application. For the transfer students, they have to submit their official transcripts from all other colleges and a completed admissions application. The transcript credits of the students will be reviewed by an academic advisor within the ‘Registrar’s Office’. The University charges an affordable fee to all the students. It charges a tuition fee of $6,264 per 16 week term which is based on 12 hours each semester at $522 per credit hour. The block tuition charge for the students is $7,140 for 14 to 16 hours. For the online students, they have to pay $395 per credit hour instead of $522 rate above. Likewise, they have to pay $,910 for double occupancy room, $2, 365 for single occupancy room per 16 week term in addition to $125 housing deposit. The students are charged with $1,460 for 12-Meal Plan and $1,570 for 19-Meal Plan per 16 week term. The Graduate programs students are charged with the tuition fee of $580 per credit hour. In addition to this, the students have to pay an athletic fee of $75 per 16 week term.

The students enrolled in this University are also benefited with various types of financial and scholarships. Each of the undergraduate students is encouraged to fill ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)’ form each year. The University is providing ‘Donor Funded Scholarships’ to the undergraduate students who are enrolled with the program in full time basis which takes total time of at least six credit hours per semester to complete. Likewise, it is also providing ‘Program Scholarships’ to the undergraduate students. In addition to this, it is providing various other scholarships like ‘Mustang Grant’, ‘Servant Leadership’, ‘I CAN Scholarship’, ‘The Jack Maddox Distinguished Scholarship program’, ‘LES Scholarship’, Brunson Memorial Scholarship’, ‘M.S. Doss Scholarship’, ‘William McPheron Scholarship’, ‘Sears Transfer Scholarship’, ‘Wells Fargo Scholarship’ and ‘Cynthia Nalda Endowed Scholarship’.

This University is also well known for its athletic team named as the ‘Mustangs’. It frequently competes in the ‘National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)’. The athletic is primarily competing in the ‘Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC). There are separate sports for both men and women. The men students can enjoy from the sports like baseball, cross country, basketball, tennis, soccer and track & field. Likewise, the women can enjoy from the sports like basketball, soccer, cross country, softball, track & field, tennis and volleyball. Through its high quality education and other various beneficial features, it has been successful to attract the students from all over the world. In fact, it was ranked at 13th place for Regional Colleges (West) by ‘US News’ considering its best academic programs.