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www.trident tech.edu

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Trident Technical College is a public two-year college which is located in the City of North Charleston, Charleston and Dorchester counties in ‘South Carolina’. It is operating its administration function under ‘South Carolina Technical College System’. The college was established in the year 1973 after merging two colleges ‘Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Technical Education Center’ and ‘Palmer College’. Initially, ‘Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Technical Education Center’ has two buildings established in 1964. After some period of its merger with ‘Palmer College’ in 1973 it expanded to two campuses. In 1982, the college’s third campus was built near ‘Moncks Corner’ to meet the needs of all the students residing in ‘Berkeley County’. The main campus based in North Charleston was purchased in 1994 and opened its first phase of Complex for Economic Development in 1997. During the year 2005 and 2006, ‘Complex for Economic Development’ was completed with Culinary Institute of Charleston and Information Technology Center and the Learning Center Trident Aeronautical Training Center, the Nursing Auditorium and Industrial Maintenance Technology Center. In the year 2008, ‘Palmer Campus’ was renovated and expanded.

Trident Technical College has a mission of serving as a catalyst for the personal, community and economic development by all the individual students through high quality education and training. It has a vision of becoming a leading force for the educational opportunity and economic competitiveness in the communities. The college is currently serving approximately 17,000 traditional and non-traditional curriculum students. It is offering transfer associate degrees and applied technical associate degrees. In addition to this, it is also offering diplomas and certificates. The curriculum included in the college includes various programs in the subjects like ‘arts and sciences’, ‘agriculture’, ‘business’, ‘computer technology’, ‘engineering technology’, ‘industrial technology’, ‘health sciences’ and ‘public service’. Through providing these various important subjects, it is committed to being an accessible and responsive to community needs. To bring the success in the student’s life, it is providing developmental education service and comprehensive student service.

Trident Technical College is offering more than 150 programs of study in 12 different academic divisions. It is providing certificates to associate degrees programs at four campuses, four additional sites and in various formats and instructional modes. The college has various departments for the different subjects. There are several departments like ‘Aeronautical Studies’, ‘Business Technology’, ‘Community, Family and Child Studies’, ‘Culinary Institute of Charleston (Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts), ‘Film, Media & Visual Arts’, ‘Health Sciences’, ‘Humanities and Social Sciences’, ‘Industrial & Engineering Technology’, ‘Law Related Studies’, ‘Nursing’, ‘Science & Mathematics’ and ‘The Learning Center’.

The students enrolling in this college are benefited with well-managed library. There is special leanring center named ‘The Trident Technical College Learning Resources Center’ which provides various resources and services that is required for the students. The main goals of this learning resource center is to organize and manage all the learning resources program for the minimum effort for user to get easily access resources and acquire the required services when needed on or off campus. The tuition fees are very affordable to all the students. For the Charleston/ Berkeley/ Dorchester Country Residency, there is a tuition fee of $1911.14 with the addition of $158.06 per credit hour over 15. Likewise for other South Carolina Counties Residency, the students are charged an amount of $2118.74 with the addition of $175.36 per credit hour over 15. Out of state resident students are charged with the total tuition fees of $3604.46 with an addition of $299.17 per credit hour over 15.

The large number of students this college each year to secure their place. There are certain admission requirements. The college requires various criteria for all the new students, readmit students, returning students, transfer students, high school students, international students, transient students, cross registration students, audit students and senior citizen students. The college is providing various kinds of services like academic counseling, alcohol and Drug Counseling, career counseling, counseling online, disability services, high school guidance, interpersonal violence and personal counseling. The students can learn various experiences through joining this college. The college offers several opportunities for personal and professional growth which includes ‘student organizations’, ‘student cabinet’, ‘student publications’ and ‘student activities programs’. The students studying in this college frequently organize various programs. The college’s Awards Program is conducted at the end of Spring Semester to recognize both academic and leadership accomplishments of ‘outstanding students and student organizations’.

Trident College organizes several events for the refreshment of the students. The monthly calendar of Events is made available to all the students. It is published by the ‘Student Activities Office’. The calendar contains brief summary of all the activities and academic information. The students can get the calendars through Student Activities Office. They can also get the information through the bulletin boards which are located in student lounges on all over the campuses. There are several organizations established in the college. The Current student organizations active on this college are ‘Alpha Mu Gamma Nu Lambda Chapter’, ‘American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)’, ‘Association of Information Technology Professionals’, ‘Association for Paramedic Education and Training’, ‘Clemente Coalition’, ‘Criminal Justice Student Association’, Fitness Lifestyle Initiative’, ‘Fitness Lifestyle Initiative’, ‘Hospitality and Culinary Student Association’, ‘International Club’, ‘Japanese Anime Educational Club’, ‘Lex Artis Paralegal Society’, ‘Lowcountry Aviation Maintenance Association’, ‘Novo Caesaries’, and many more. With all its quality features, this college will definitely stands as one of the best college for all students who have a dream of pursuing their career in better way.