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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

One of the reputed University systems of United States, ‘Southern Illinois University’ is a state University system which is located in Carbondale, Illinois, United States. The University was founded in the year 1869 as ‘Southern Illinois Normal College’. The campus based in Carbondale ‘Southern Illinois University Carbondale’ is established as the flagship campus of ‘Southern Illinois University system (SIUC)’. In fact, this campus is the fourth oldest campus of Illinois’ thirteen state ‘Universities’. The Southern Illinois University System includes total eight colleges and three schools. The Graduate School and the ‘School of Law’ is situated in Carbondale. Likewise, the ‘School of Medicine’ is located in Carbondale and Springfield.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) is also known as ‘National Research University’ which offers ‘Associate’, ‘Baccalaureate’, ‘Post-Baccalaureate’, ‘Masters’ and ‘Doctoral’ degrees in 222 academic programs. The total number of undergraduate students studying in this University was 13,306 in 2013. Likewise, the total number of graduate students was 4613 and has more than 216,500 living alumni. Another University of Southern Illinois University is ‘Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE)’ which is St. Louis Metro East Campus of Southern Illinois University system. The main campus is located in Edwardsville. This University operates the ‘School of Dental Medicine campus’ in Alton, ‘the East St. Louis Center’ and ‘School of Nursing’s Satellite Campus’ based in Springfield. Initially, SIUE was known as ‘Commuter school’. In the recent years, the University has transformed into residential University. The Southern Illinois University Edwardville center based in East St. Louis provides ‘clinical’ and ‘practicum’ experiences for the University students. It also provides a broad range of assistance to community in the subjects like ‘arts’, ‘education’, ‘health’ and ‘social services’. SIUE is often considered as ‘Comprehensive Regional Masters’ University’ which offers ‘Baccalaureate’, ‘Post-Baccalaureate’, ‘Masters’ and ‘Doctoral’ degrees in 135 academic programs. The total number of undergraduate students of SIUE in 2013 was 11229 and the number of graduate students was 2621. The University has total 91, 353 living alumini.

The University has three satellite schools named as: ‘Southern Illinois University School of Medicine’, ‘Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine’ and ‘Southern Illinois Edwardsville School of Nursing’. The ‘Southern Illinois University school of medicine (SUI-SOM) is s part of ‘SIUC’ which operates its first-year program in Carbondale and final three years program in Springfield. The school offers various medical residency programs like ‘Dermatology’, ‘Emergency Medicine’, ‘Family Medicine’, ‘General Surgery’, ‘Internal Medicine’, ‘Medicine/ Psychiatry’, ‘Neurology’, ‘Obstetrics and Gynecology’, ‘Otolaryngology’, ‘Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation’, ‘Pediatrics’, ‘Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’, ‘Psychiatry’, ‘Radiology’ and ‘Urology’. The second satellite school of the University ‘Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine ‘SIU-SDM or SDM) is a part of SIUE. The school operates its administrative function in Alton on the campus of former ‘Shurtleff College’. It was opened in the year 1972 with total 200 dental students. The third satellite school of the University ‘Southern Illinois Edwardsville School of Nursing’ operates cooperative program with SUIC in Carbondale. The school has small campus in Springfield which offers ‘Graduate level Courses’.

The large of students frequently visit this University each year in a search of academic excellence. The admission process of the University is different for graduate, undergraduate and international students. The University charges an affordable fee to all the students. There are various courses available for the Doctoral degree students. Doctoral Degree is available in the fields like ‘Agricultural Sciences’, ‘Anthropology’, ‘Business Administration’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Computer Science’, ‘Criminology and Criminal Justice’, ‘Curriculum and Instruction’, ‘Economics’, ‘Educational Administration’, ‘Educational Psychology’, ‘Electrical and Computer Engineering’, and many more. Likewise, there are various programs available in the Master Degrees. The students can learn the programs like ‘Accountancy’, ‘Advanced Energy and Fuel Management’, ‘Agribusiness Economics’, ‘Animal Science’, ‘Anthropology’, ‘Applied Linguistics’, ‘Architecture’, ‘Art History & Visual Culture’, ‘Behavior Analysis and Therapy’, ‘Biomedical Engineering’, ‘Business Administration’ and many more. In addition to its Doctoral and Master Degree programs, the students can learn the subjects like ‘Art and Design’, ‘Creative Writing’, ‘Mass Communication and Media Arts’ and ‘Theater’ under Master of Fine Arts Degree.

The University also has well-managed library besides its high quality academic programs. The students can get all the required materials through visiting the library. The Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Morris Library is well-managed library which contains all the required materials, journals, reference materials, research guides and special collections. It is also facilitated with separate group study rooms. The Morris Library provides various services to the students like ‘3D Printing and Scanning’, ‘Ask a Librarian’, ‘Disability Support Services’, ‘Distance Learning’, ‘Equipment Available’, ‘Event Spaces’, ‘Family-Friendly Study Room’, ‘Group Study Room’, ‘Group Study Rooms’, ‘Interlibrary Loan’, ‘My Library Accounts’, ‘Subject Specialist Librarians’, ‘Off-site storage’ and ‘Purchase Recommendation’. Like its high quality services, the students are also benefited with various scholarship, financial aid and loan services. Each year, the University awards $1.45 million in academic scholarships.

The students enrolling in the students can get enjoyment from various sports like baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, swimming, tennis and track & field. The University has separate sports for men and women. For women, there are various sports available like ‘Basketball’, ‘Golf’, ‘Softball’, ‘Swimming’, ‘Tennis’, ‘Volleyball’ and ‘Cross country’. The athletic team of this University, Salukis is very popular in all over the country. With its high quality education and other beneficiary facilities, Southern Illinois University surely stands as best among best University of the United States. The students who are in a search of an academic excellence can join this college for the better of their career.