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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Seminole State College of Florida is one of the top colleges of the United States which is situated in Central Florida, United States. In fact, this college is eighth largest member institution which operates its administrative function under Florida College System. It was formed on July 1, 1965 with the name of Seminole Junior College. The Florida State Legislature signed a charter to establish this college. In the same year, Dr. Earl S. Weldon was appointed as a president by the Seminole County School Board. Weldon found a piece of land to build the school which will be perfect for all the students. With all efforts the college started its operation in 1966 with total seven hundred students. Initially, the college has the offerings of subjects like accounting, English I and II, business, Journalism, math, Spanish, Science and speech. In 1968, for the beneficial of all the faculty students different buildings were established for each faculty. Other departmental buildings like The Admission Building, the E-Building, the Student Center, the Automative Technology Building and the Health Building (the gym) were added in the year 1974. After a year on July 1, 1975 it transformed into ‘Seminole Community College’. By the end of that year, the enrollment of the students increased to the large number of 14, 161. Dr. E Ann McGee who was the graduate and administrator of ‘Broward College’ replaced Dr. Weldon as a President of the college. Under her direction, the Foundation’s assets increased hugely from $1 million to over $7 million. The college opened its Automative Training Center after receiving the donation of $2.5 million in January 2007. It collaborated with University of Central Florida which the third largest University of the nation. With the initiation with University of Central Florida, it launched DirectConnect to UCF. The college changed its name to Seminole State College of Florida on September 21, 2009. Since then it is offering Bachelor degrees with addition to associate degrees.

Seminole State College offers variety of degree and certificate programs with its intimate classroom settings. One of the college’s popular campus ‘The Oviedo Campus’ is located few miles from University of Central Florida which makes the campus as an ideal choice for all the students who have dream to achieve an associated degree. Another campus offerings at Altamonte Springs is concentrate in mainly three academic areas healthcare, adult education and general education for the A.A. degrees. With collaborating with Central Florida’s economic development leaders, this college has focused on training the region’s work force in the business/ technology related programs. It also focused on retaining and sustaining the leading technology companies to the Central Florida. The college is also facilitated with the attractive interior design and construction programs. The college’s two departments ‘The Seminole County Economic Development Department’ and ‘The Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce’ are based at the center of the college. Recently, it is providing various courses via distance learning and it is also applying the open source Sakai LMS system.

Seminote State was ranked at the 13th place out of the 15 Florida Community Colleges in October 2007. The ranking was based on the number of Associate’s Degrees awarded. The article from Florida Department of Education ranked the college among the top 100 colleges of the United States. Without any racial discrimination, it is providing its quality education to all the students coming from the different backgrounds and races. Currently, graduation rate of male are 32%, female are 31%. African-American are 16% and Hispanic 25%. This college is accredited and approved by the different organizations like American Bar Association, Approval Committee of Certificate Programs (ACCP), American Medical Association (AMA), Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CARC), Foundation for Interior for Interior Design Education Research(FIDER), National League of Nursing (NLN) and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Seminole State College is operating its administrative function under the Florida Community College System which comprises with the twenty eight public Community Colleges and State Colleges in United States of Florida. The chancellor of Florida College System is the chief executive officer of this system. The mission of this system are:

  1.  To provide lower level undergraduate instruction and awarding associate degrees,
  2.  To provide the student development services,
  3. To promote economic development for the state
  4. To provide dual enrollment and upper level instruction and awarding baccalaureate degrees

The students enrolling in this college are benefited with more than 40 clubs and organizations which include the Hispanic Student Association, the Environmental Club and the African American Cultural Forum. It has sponsored a student run Government Association which helps to raise the voice of the students. The college also conducts fine arts activities with forming an art gallery on the campus which presents the work of the students. It also has facilitated with a dramatic theatre. This college has produced thousands of alumini from its establishment to the recent time. Some of the alumini who has gained huge recognition with their incredible work are ‘Mikael Pernfors’, ‘John Hart’, ‘Texas Rangers, Rob Ducey’ and ‘Doug Marlette’.

This college has proved to be one of the best colleges with all its facilities and beneficiary programs offering to all the students. The students will definitely come out as a winner after joining this college.