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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, ‘Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI)’ is one of the best technical institutes of United States. It is a private two-year college which offers various ‘associate degrees’ and ‘short-term certificate programs’. The college is located at two locations in Western Pennsylvania. The ‘North Fayette Campus’ is situated in Oakdale which was opened in July 2000. Likewise, the ‘PTI-Cranberry Center at the Regional Learning Alliance’ is located in Cranberry Woods. Initially, the institution opened its doors as a single discipline career training school in the year 1946. Since its establishment, the institute has expanded its course offerings. The course are offered to the students through its ‘School of Building Technology’, ‘School of Business’, ‘School of Criminal Justice’, ‘School of Design’, ‘School of Healthcare’ and ‘School of Technology’.

The institute offers various courses through its different schools. ‘School of Building Technology’ offers the courses like Smart Building Technology and HVAC Technology. Likewise ‘School of Business’ offers several courses like Accounting, Business Management, Hospitality, Marketing and Retail Management. ‘School of Criminal Justice’ offers only one course of Safety and Security. ‘School of Technology’ offers three courses ‘Computer Programming’, ‘Electronics Engineering Technology’ and ‘Information Technology’. ‘School of Design’ offers Computer Aided Drafting, Graphic Design and Multimedia and ‘School of Healthcare’ offers the courses like Medical Assisting, Medical Coding, Medical office, Patient Care Technician, Practical Nursing, Surgical Technology and Therapeutic Massage. Besides this, it also offers various online programs in ‘Business Administration-Management’, ‘Hospitality-Travel and Tourism Management’, ‘Medical Office Administration, ‘Business Administration-Accounting’ and ‘Medical Coding’.

PTI has simple admission process for all the students. The institute doesn’t charges any application fee. Likewise, it doesn’t required SAT and ACT test score. Those who are interested to get admission in this institution, they can submit their supplemental forms like ‘Transcript Release form’ and ‘Background Check form’ through online. Like its simple process of admission, the students are also benefited with low tuition fees. The tuition fee doesn’t increases with an addition of other fees. The institute doesn’t charge any application fee, technology or computer lab fee, University services fee, activities fee and graduation fee. Likewise, PTI assures all the students that their tuition fee will not increase from one year to next year. For those students who are residing outside of Pennsylvania do not have to pay higher tuition fee as compared to University students. The students have to pay total amount of $14,900 to $47,449 until they complete their graduation. PTI doesn’t charges any penalty fee for those students who want to switch to other program. The institute provides an opportunity to take cross-cultural courses in addition to their current courses. But the students must have scored 3.00 GPA and must have attendance of 90% or above. They must maintained consistency in their marks and attendance throughout the period while attending both ‘primary degree’ and ‘PTI plus courses’.

The students enrolled in this institute are awarded with various scholarships, financial aid, grants, loans and PTI awards. PTI offers various types of scholarships to the deserving students like ‘PTI Cyber School Student Scholarship’, ‘PTI Early Admissions Grant/Scholarship’, ‘PTI High School Club or Organization Grants & Scholarships’, ‘PTI High School Spirit Scholarship’, ‘PTI Honors in Technology Scholarship’, ‘PTI “I Inspire” Scholarship’, ‘PTI Inspiration Scholarship’, ‘PTI JROTC Scholarship’ and ‘PTI Promote Change Scholarship’. Likewise, it provides various types of grants like ‘PTI Alumni Grant’, ‘PTI Certificate Program Grant’, ‘PTI Alumni Family Member Grant’, ‘PTI Distressed Industry Grant’, ‘PTI Family Grant’, ‘PTI Late PHEAA Application Grant’, ‘PTI Out of State Change Resident Grant’, ‘PTI Sibling Grant’ and ‘PTI TAA/TRA Grant’. The Institution also offers number of services to international students. It provides ‘International Student Experts’ to all its international students. Likewise, PTI has housing department which provides nurturing environment to all the students.

PTI offers various career services to its students. Career services are provided to all the students who want to get success in their career. It provided internship placement in their field of study. Likewise, career service helps students to search the job before and after graduation. It also helps them to build strong relationship with the local and national employers. PTI also offers various services to its alumni. It provides the services like ‘Alumni On-line Job registration’, ‘Transcript requests’, ‘career search assistance’, ‘optimal resume’s step by step guide’, ‘on-line web based job board’, ‘freelance support center’, ‘alumni newsletter’ and ‘networking events’. The employers are also benefited with the services like ‘interview coordination’, ‘on and off-campus recruiting’, ‘alumni network referrals’, ‘coordinate industry specific internships’, ‘on line job posting board’, ‘transcript requests’, ‘career fairs’ and ‘advisory board membership’.

This Institute is also known for its well-managed library and on and off campus student apartments. Off campus student apartments are situated at just minutes from PTI’s ‘North Fayette Campus’. Apartments have variety of bedroom as well as bathroom configurations. It also provides free transportation to its main campus. There are private and shared bedrooms, smoke free units, game and exercise rooms, outdoor pool, free parking on-site, furnished units equipped with the utilities like cable and internet. The institute is located at quite surrounding where all the students can learn without getting any disturbance. With all its high quality features and best academic programs, the institute definitely proves as one of the best technical institute of United States. Those who want to gain an academic excellence can surely join this institute as PTI offers the best academic programs in the technical field.