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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Ocean County College is a community college which has got the two year programs offering. The Ocean County College is located at the Ocean County in the state of New Jersey which is in the United States. The college had been established in the year of 1969 while the main campus is situated in the Toms River. The Ocean County College also has got other branches and locations. The college includes the Southern Education center which is in the Manahawkin while the college also has got more than twenty other off campus sites which is throughout the Ocean County. The Ocean County college has got Jon H. Larson as the current working president. Talking about the staffs of the colleges, the college has got about more than 500 working academic staffs which was according to the survey of the year 2009. Ocean County College has got about 9,448 students which was recorded in the same year. The Ocean County College also has got the association with the Robert J. Novins and also the Fine Arts Center. The both of the educational institution have got the offering of several programs which is from the local community. The working president of the Ocean County College, Jon H. Larson had been working from the year of 2000 while he previously worked as the president of Luzerne County Community College which is situated in the Nanticoke, Pennsylvania. Larson holds the degree of BA from the Norwich University and also acquired Ph.D along with M.A. from the University of Maryland.

General Education courses are clustered into quite a few major categories: Communication, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Science, Humanities, History and Diversity. All degree programs contain a core General Education foundation required by all two-year and four-year colleges and universities.

English I
English II *
Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Survey of Mathematics
Introduction to Statistics
College Algebra for Science/Math/CS/Engn Majors
College Algebra
Finite Mathematics
Introduction to Probability
Pre-calculus I *
Pre-calculus II *
Pre-calculus I & II for Science, Math, Computer
                   Science, and Engineering Majors *
Pre-calculus Techniques and Applications
Business Calculus *
Calculus I *
Calculus II *
Calculus III *
Discrete Mathematics *
Linear Algebra *
Differential Equations *

Principles of Biological Science
Nature of Science and the Human Body
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Human Anatomy and Physiology II *
General Biology I
General Biology II *
Introduction to Botany
Microbiology *
Ecology *
General Microbiology *
Marine Biology *
Introductory Chemistry
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II *
Organic Chemistry I *
Organic Chemistry II *
Environmental Science
Introduction to Oceanography
Physics I 
Physics II *
Introduction to Astronomy
Astronomy I: Solar System
Astronomy II: Stars and Galaxies *
General Physics I *
General Physics II *
General Physics III *
Forensic Science

Computer Literacy 
Integrated Office Software 
Programming I
Library Research & Information Literacy

Introduction to Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Macroeconomic Principles
Microeconomic Principles
World Physical Geography
Human Geography
American Federal Government
American State and Local Government
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to International Relations
Comparative Politics and Government
General Psychology
Child Psychology *
Adolescent Psychology *
Life Span *
Introduction to Sociology

Elementary Arabic I
Elementary Arabic II *
Intermediate Arabic I 
Intermediate Arabic II *
Art History I
Art History II
Art History III (20th C. Art)
American Art 
Basic American Sign Language I
Basic American Sign Language II *
Elementary Chinese I
Elementary Chinese II *
Intermediate Chinese I *
Intermediate Chinese II *
Introduction to Poetry *
Introduction to Drama *
African American Literature *
Women in Literature *
American Literature I *
American Literature II *
British Literature I *
British Literature II *
World Literature I *
World Literature II *
The Short Story *
The Short Novel *
Shakespeare *
American Poets: Voices and Visions *
World Cinema *
Film Genres *
Understanding Film *
From Literature to Film *
Elementary French I
Elementary French II *
Intermediate French I *
Intermediate French II *
Greek I 
Greek II *
Elementary German I
Elementary German II *
Intermediate German I *
Intermediate German II *
Elementary Modern Hebrew I 
Elementary Modern Hebrew II * 
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II 
U.S. History I (to 1877)
U.S. History II (since 1877)
World Civilization I 
World Civilization II 
Humanities I:Modernism *
Humanities II: Postmodernism *
Elementary Italian I
Elementary Italian II *
Elementary Latin I
Elementary Latin II *
Intermediate Latin I *
Intermediate Latin II *
Introduction to Jazz History 
Introduction to Music Appreciation
Music of the World’s Peoples
Introduction to Critical Thinking
Introduction to Philosophy
Contemporary Ethical Issues
Religious Experiences *
World Religions (formerly PHIL 193) 
Elementary Russian I
Elementary Russian II *
Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II *
Intermediate Spanish I *
Intermediate Spanish II *
Theater Appreciation
Contemporary Theater

Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
U.S. History I (to 1877)
U.S. History II (since 1877)
World Civilization I 
World Civilization II

Introduction to Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Indians of North America
The Arts of the Islamic World
Intercultural Communication *
Native American Literature *
African American Literature *
Chinese Literature in Translation *
Arabic Literature in Translation *
Jewish & Holocaust Literature * 
Literature and Myth *
Women in Literature *
Women in Film *
Women’s Lives *
World Literature I *
World Literature II *
World Cinema *
Human Geography
World Civilization I 
World Civilization II 
History and Culture of the Jewish People 
History of Russia
History and Culture of China
History of the Arab World Since WW I
Modern Israel
Humanities II: Postmodernism
Music of the World’s Peoples
Religious Experiences *
Women and American Politics
Cross Cultural Psychology *
Psychology of Gender *
World Religions (formerly PHIL 193) 
Women in Society: Social Issues
Race and Ethnicity *

The courses listed which has got the sign tagged with * have fundamentals.