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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Ozark Christian College is a non profit organization which was started in the year 1942. The private institution is situated at the 1111 North Street in the Joplin, Missouri. The college is affiliated with the Restoration Movement which is the association of the Christian churches and the churches of Christ. The college was first founded in the Bentonville of the Arkansas on the 12th of June in the year 1942 and was established for the training which used to train men as well as women. They were trained to serve for the teaching of the Christian religion along with the Word of Christ in the Spirit of Christ. The Ozark college also had its past college which was founded in the year 1938 in St. Joe of Arkansas. Later the college was moved to the Harrison and finally in Bentonville. OCC provided occupational training along with the Bible teaching and had the affiliation to the Restoration Movement. It also had the motive to train the full time as well as the part time Christian workers. They were trained for the respectable posts like ministers, church secretaries, and educational directors. The OCC has got the motto “Not to be served, but to serve”. There were many churches which were closed down in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas too. There were no preachers while OCC also had the motive to offer Biblical preachers too.

The statement by the OCC college has been “train men and women for Christian service” which provides support for the Bible college education. The main courses offered are holistic as it includes coursework from Bible along with the Christian history and its related topics too. There has also been sports team in the college where they are also known as Ambassadors. The sports of the OCC includes the men’s basketball, women’s basketball, men’s soccer and also volleyball for the women. The athletic teams are also the members of the Midwest Christian College Conference. OCC has got altogether 16 buildings which has got 3 dorms for men and also 3 dorms for the women. A multiple purpose building has also been established for different works and projects of the students enrolled. Other construction also includes the chapel building, missions building along with the Casteel administration building. OCC has also got its own physical power plant with a Christian service building and also Ozark book store. The overall area of the OCC is about 98 acres. Talking about the sports activities and the athletics of the Ozark Christian College, the college has got wide range of sports facilities. Apart from the basketball, football and volleyball it also promotes the Ultimate Frisbee while most of the trainings regarding the sports activities are done at the multi purpose building of the OCC. The multi purpose building has got its own racquetball court, basketball court, volleyball floor, a running area, a weight room, lockers for the athletic members and also a theater seating for the viewers.

The OCC has got the official approval from the Association for Biblical Higher Education which was first known American Association of Bible Colleges in the year for 1988 and expanded the terms of agreement till the year 2009. The Association for the Biblical Higher Education has been renowned association for the approval of several Biblical colleges. Whereas OCC was categorized in the 2005 Higher Education Directory which was for the Transfer Credit Practices of Designated Education Institutions. The OCC has also got the approval for the Federal Students Financial Aid which has been associated under the Higher Education Act of the year 1965 and also got the amendment. Along with that Ozark has also been the member of the Evangelical Council on the Financial Accountability from the year of 1988 during the month of December. Ozark Christian College has also been listed in the Forbes list of Colleges which had the worst return on the investment. The OCC had been in the top ten of the Forbes list while the report showed that it had the investment of $78,000 and had the 30 year return on investment of -$76,200. In the response, the president of the OCC , Matt Proctor has given the statement for the report.

Most of the students enrolled at the Ozark Christian College has been living on the premises of the college. Although they reside at the college they also has got several involvement in the different activities which is held on the local area of Joplin, Missouri. The college also has got several religious groups which they get involved in different activities and also for the service of the community. OCC also has got strict policies and regulations where tardiness is not considered. The students who are late for the classes are marked absent. If the students gets the conversation with the professor with the class, the can get their absence removed but the delayed act is still counted. This strategy states that the college does not desire to put any student in hazard, and asks that scholars use their best decision to settle on whether they think it is secure to travel to school. In accumulation, school supports trips do not result in a decrease of a student’s ranking or extra effort. Ozark also has a Christian service rule that requires students registered in eight or more hours of assignments to be involved in Christian overhaul. Students have four alternatives to pick from in sort to fulfill this obligation including: four weekend understanding, nine single experiences, a mix of each, or weekly taking part in church activities. Some examples of these practices include youth camps, big brother, teaching, and secure unit assignments.