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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

National Louis University is the university which is situated in Poland. The college is simply known as NLU and it has got the official name of Wyszza Szkola Biznesu- National –Louis University. The college is currently located at the Nowy Sacz. NLU was established in the year of 1991 on the 1st of October. The college has got the emphasis on the major course of the English, Business and the management education. Along with the main emphasis on those courses, the college also has got the programs for the political science along with the computer science. The college also has got the offering courses for the psychology, social work and also for the MBA course. The national Louis University has got the official approval from the Polish education association. NLU also has got the full approval from the United States of America and the educational association. The National Louis University also has got the program for the Masters in the Business Administration and has got the official approval from the University of Wales which is situated in the Cardiff of the United Kingdom. The University recently has got 4500 students enrolled in the several subjects.

The National Louis University has got different degree programs which has the offering for the Masters and also for the Bachelors. NLU provides Bachelors degree in the Business and for the Management. For the degree in the Business and Management, the college offers the B.A in the Applied Communications which is the latest program in the course of the University. Other programs in the University are in Business Administration, Health Care Leadership and also in the Management. The degree for the Business Administration is in B.A and for the course of the Health care Leadership and Management is in the B.S. the college also provides online program for the Business and Management Degrees which are:

  • Online B.A. in Applied Communications
  • Online B.S. in Health Care Leadership
  • Online B.S. in Management
  • Online B.S. in Management Information Systems


The National Louis University also provides several programs which is in the Masters and for the Business and management programs. The programs for the Master’s degree are:


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Health Services Administration (MHA)
  • M.S. in Human Resource Management and Development


Along with those offerings, the university also has got online programs which is also in the Business and the Management program which are:


  • Online Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Online Master of Health Services Administration (MHA)


The University also provides the certificate for the Business Leadership. The certificate also has the offering for the post-baccalaureate Leadership which gives the students about the leadership strengths. The certificate also provides different leadership programs which helps for the development and also for the assignments.

The University also has the offerings for the Bachelors programs for the Arts and Sciences. The courses offered are:

  • B.A. in Applied Behavioral Sciences
  • B.A. in Applied Communications, the program is the newly introduced course in the University
  • B.A. in Criminal Justice, the program is also offered on the online basis.
  • B.A. in Human Services
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • B.A. in Social Science 
  • B.A. in Liberal Arts Studies


The courses which is offered are for the undergraduates and has got the wide range of subjects such as communications, criminal justice, human services, criminal justice and also for the psychology. There are other courses too which are provided by the National Louis University which is for the Bachelors degree, Masters degree in the field of education along with the advance education for the degree of the M.Ed, M.S.Ed, Ed.S, C.A.S. The National Louis University also has got the Master’s Degree for the Teacher Preparation which is also known as M.A.T. the course of the Education also has got the offering for the Doctoral degrees along with the Licensures and other several endorsements. The teaching degree programs from the Bachelors in the Teaching Degree Programs are:


  • B.A. in Early Childhood Education
  • B.A. in Elementary Education
  • B.A. in Early Childhood Practice
  • B.A. in Special Education


The National Louis University also has got its own magazine issue which is from the students issue. The monthly newsmagazine is titled as Ampersand. The articles and the items in the magazine has been published, written and edited by the students themselves.  The name comes from the symbol &, which portrays the connecting nature between different cultures and different discernments of the magazine. Editorial staff would like to locate between Polish and non-Polish speaking students as a joining factor; to join them and facilitate them to appreciate one another better by bringing out a magazine completely in English. Initially, Ampersand was predestined to deliver news about present associations of the Wy?sza Szko?a Biznesu - National Louis University and to encourage English as a language. The magazine has been categorized as one of the University News where the current working editor of the University magazine is Filip Zielinski while the circulation has been calculated as 1000. The first issue of the magazine had been on the month of February in the year of 2006 while the emphasis has been given for both the English and the Polish language.

The National Louis University also facilitates the students with different facilities such as financial aid for the needy students and other services too. The University also has got the provision of student services. The University has also got its own library which provides wide variety of books and also gives support for the courses.