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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Monterey Peninsula College which is known as MPC is located in Monterey, California, United States. Monterey Peninsula College which is a public community college holds the year 1947 as the year of its establishment. MPC is a part of the California Community College which holds 110 other colleges under its management. Other colleges like L.A Valley, Marin, Napa Valley, Woodland, and Moreno Valley etc. work under California Community College System.

The colleges has been offering  71 Associate Degrees and various courses to help student prepare for shift to four year institutions, for working places, for updating and refining their working skills, consulting and preparing students for new career. The college has been providing general education and various courses to their students to improve their ability and skill in various fields like mathematics, reading, writing and science which will help them to sketch better and smooth career in future. Monterey Peninsula College is the best destination for those students who want to extend the horizon of their learning beyond the secondary school. The college assists its students to flourish their potentiality to its maximum height possible. The college also helps its students to realize rights, freedom and duties in the community or country of which they are part of.   

Dr. Walter Tribley is the current President of Monterey Peninsula College (MPC). The college has been serving since 1947 with quality educational services, unquestionable transfer education, occupational programs to serve employment needs and learning opportunities to students of all ages and various social and ethnical backgrounds.

Academic Divisions and Departments

The college holds various sorts of Academic departments for their students.

: Business and Technology Department- MPC offers various classes and programs in the field of business and computer science.

: Creative Arts Division- MPC shelters various creative arts classes like Art, Drama, Graphic Arts, Music and Photography  

: Humanities Division- Subjects like Communications, English, English and a Second Language, Humanities, Linguists, Philosophy, Speech Communication, and World Languages (including American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian) are sheltered under MPC’s Humanities Department. The division also holds two learning centers: the English and Study Skills Center and the Reading Center.  

: Life Science Division- The division includes Anatomy-Physiology, Automotive Technology, Aviation, Biology, Dental Assisting, Drafting, Family and Consumer Science, Fashion, Health, Hospitality, Human Services, Interior Design, Marine Science and Technology, Medical Assisting, Nutrition, and Ornamental Horticulture.

: Physical Education Division- The department of Physical Education serves opportunities to get included in individual and team sports, fitness activities, and wide variety of dance forms, Lecture classes includes topics from Introduction to Kinesiology, Fitness and Wellness strategies to Fitness Exercise Physiology.

: Physical Science Division- Physical Science Department of MPC is home for highly qualitative instruction courses in astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences (geology and oceanography), engineering, mathematics, and physics.

: Social Science Division- The department of Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Child Development, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women’s Studies comes under the Social Science Department of MPC.                  

: Cooperative Work Division- This academic program uses industrial, governmental, educational and other business organizations as off campus “classrooms.”

Certificate provided by MPC:

: Certificate of Training Programs.

: Certificate of Achievement/Associate Degree (Career Technical, Non-Transfer Curriculum) Programs.

: Associate Degree (Transfer Curriculum) Programs

As the college has made an irreplaceable contribution in the field of education, its qualitative and effective educational system has not only attracted students from the United States but also from various other nations of the world.

Ethnicity of Student Number (2011-12):

Among the students sheltered under MPC in year 2011-12, 4.73% are African- American, 0.75% are American Indian/Alaska Native, 6.24% are Asian, 3.17% are Filipino, 22.95% are Hispanic, 2.18% are Multi-Ethnicity, 1.06% are Pacific Islander, 49.73% are White Non- Hispanic and 9.18% are of unknown ethnicity. The 55 students of MPC represent 24 countries in year (Fall 2012).

The college works under a large amount of revenue. The projected revenue for 2012-12 was $43,368,000.

The College has been offering over 90 academic programs, covering the wide range of educational field from Art History and Automotive Technology to Restaurant Management and Women’s Studies. The College has effective guided its student towards the path of success through its qualitative education. The students under the MPC’s guidance can prepare for transfer to a four year university, accomplish two year degree leading to a career or to take a short course to upgrade skills and abilities.


Term                                    Application Begin                        Registration Begins

Summer 2014                             March 31                                    April 28

Fall 2014                                      April 21                                       May 8

Monterey College is highly facilitated with well managed library. Student’s overall growth in ability is supported by various recreational activities. The college has contributed a lot to those students who seek an effective guidance for the career ahead. The college covers a wide field of educational programs and courses including almost every subject from arts, technology, physical science, social science etc. making itself suitable to students from various social and ethnical backgrounds. Its wide coverage of subjects and courses has attracted students from different countries. With an effort, hard work and dedication from the date of its establishment, the college has been running   for historical 67 years, producing irreplaceable icons in various fields. Figures like Joseph Gutheinz (Retired NASA official who contributed in investigation of “Stolen and Missing Moon Rock”, Roy Humphreys who is an investigate reporter and chief editor of the Rowland Height Gazette, are the product of historical educational institution Monterey Peninsula College.