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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Medaille College is one of the liberal arts colleges which are situated in the Olmsted Crescent of the Buffalo, New York. The private college was founded in the year of 1875 and was established as Sisters of Saint Joseph. The college was first established to give training to the teachers and was later turned into Mount Saint Joseph College in the year 1937. Then later in the year of 1968, it had expanded its objectives which made it get its current name. Currently Richard T. Jurasek is the working president of the Medaille College while the Vice president of the college is Norman R. Muir who handles the interim academic affairs and Karen McGrath who is engaged in the enrollment of the management. Currently there are 116 academic staffs in the Medaille College. Currently there are 2759 undergraduates in the college and 494 as post graduates. In the year of 1970s, Medaille experienced a great pace in the process of expansion. Student enrollment started to increase while new facilities had been added to the management like the establishment of Downey Science Building. The building was made to co-operate with the establishment of the new degrees and also several conducted programs. Then in the year of 199, the college started a new system which was a residential student program. The new program was made to appeal the students from the state of Southern Ontario and the New York State. After that, Kevin I. Sullivan Campus Center got established which had great offerings to the students enrolled in the College. The offerings for the students were in athletic and other recreational activities too.

In June 2007, Medaille got its sixth president, Richard T. Jurasek, Ph.D. Under his command, the College has announced to develop relationship with local associations in order to benefit the college and also for the civil and the students enrolled too. In addition, the College finished a construction planning that increased the size of Huber Hall with a new Student Success Center. The recently established building if the Medaille has got different facilities which also helps the students and also for their learning. The Buffalo News recently reported that Medaille College was ending its Amherst Campus location at the end of the Spring 2014 semester and transferring its students into the main college in Buffalo. The college's president, Richard Jurasek, remarked a $2.2 million deficit during the 2012-2013 fiscal year which resulted in the latest happenings to the Medaille College.

About the programs provided by the Medaille College, it has got the offerings in both undergraduate programs and for the graduate programs too. The major courses in the undergraduate programs are in subjects like Accounting, Biology, Criminal Justice, Media/Communication, English Literature, Early Child Education, Mathematics, Psychology, Biology, Business Administration, Sport Management, Secondary Education, Veterinary Technology and many more. The college also has got some online study courses like for the Health Information management, Homeland Security and also for the Information Systems. Apart from the undergraduate programs, the college has also offerings for the graduate programs. The programs in the graduate programs are in Business, Management, Education, Psychology, Organizational Leadership, Mental Health Counseling and also for the Marriage and Family Therapy. Medaille College has also got its branch college which is situated in Rochester of the New York City and also in Amherst, NY. The associated campuses has also the provision of the degrees in the Business Administration and also in Organizational Leadership while the Amherst College has got the graduation program for the degrees in courses like Education, Mental Health Counseling and also in Psychology.

Apart from the academic programs, Medaille college also has got the great name in the Athletics while it is the charter member for the Alleghency Mountain Collegiate Conference which was for the NCAA Division III school. The students in the Medaille are also nicknamed as the Medaille Mavericks. The women's basketball team achieved the AMCC championships in 2004-05, 2005–06,and 2009–2010; the men's soccer team also won the AMCC championships in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. In the year of 2010, the men's soccer team also got to feature in the sweet 16, the furthest any Medaille Sports team has everbeen to and the baseball team won the AMCC championship in  the year of 2007. The team from the women’s basketball team had been in the year of 2004 and 2005 whereas the men’s soccer team made the appearance in the year of 2005 and 2006.

The Medaille college also has got international partnerships with several international colleges and institutions while it also facilitates the double degree and also the exchange program too. It has got association with the Dalian Maritime University and Shenyang University which are both located in the China. While Medaille has also got some partnership with the South Korean Institutes which are, Catholic University of Daegu, Duksung Women’s University, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Kyungpook National University and also the Sookmyung Women’s University. Some other affiliations include in Vietnam as well. The Duy Tan University is also one of its partnered college in vietnam. While in the Canada, it has conducted pathway program in the Cornerstone Academy College which is situated in the Toronto. It has also got affiliation with the universities in Mexico and in Thailand which are Universidad del Anahuac Mayab of Mexico while in Thailand it has got affiliation with the Naresuan University-International College. The Medaille College is mainly focused on the Liberal Arts and Science which has given the undergraduates and graduates a different environment.