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Located in the Hunters Point section of Long Island City in the New York City borough of Queens, United States of America, LaGuardia Community College is a two-year community college for higher education. It was founded on 22 January, 1968 by a resolution of the Board of Higher Education of the City of New York with the goal to provide an exceptional, affordable education that prepares graduates to face the challenges of our increasingly complex world where they will be future leaders and productive citizens. The college was officially opened on 22 September, 1971, and received its first accreditation, from the Middle States Association, in December 1972 as the college graduated its first class. The college provides access to higher education and serves New Yorkers of all backgrounds, ages and means various associate degrees in the sciences, arts, applied science and continuing education programs as well. With 40 years of operation, LaGuardia is a now a nationally recognized expert at pioneering innovative programs and initiatives that are rebuilding the middle class.

LaGuardia offers a broad range of demanding academic programs that promote openness, inquiry, and a willingness to take on challenges. The areas include liberal arts, technology, experiential education, continuing education classes, business, the sciences, urban studies, health, college and transfer preparation, developmental education, workforce training and Honors programs which have achieved national and international recognition. To meet the demands of the students, the College has created a variety of academic programs with over 50 majors in Business and Technology, Liberal Arts and Health, Mathematics and Science.  The College’s programs lead to three degrees – the Associate in Science (AS), the Associate in Applied Science (AAS), and the Associate in Arts (AA). In addition to that, the College offers four Certificate programs. The Business and Technology has 14 majors and a certificate program. Besides the Liberal Arts Core, there are 24 majors and 2 certificate programs to choose from. There are 17 majors and a certificate program in Health, Mathematics and Science offered at LaGuardia Community College. The college has 10 departments which include Business & Technology, Humanities, Health Sciences, Cooperative Education, Natural Sciences, Math, Engineering & Computer Science, Education & Language Acquisition, Communication Skills, English, and Social Sciences. Besides these, LaGuardia also provides special programs such as Black Male Empowerment Cooperative, Accelerated Study in Associate Programs, Barnard Summer Science Program, Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program, and many others.

For the deserving students, LaGuardia provides financial aids in the form of low-interest loans, grants, scholarships and student employment as well. The LaGuardia Community College Foundation creates scholarships to help students stay in school so they can complete their degrees, while mentoring programs offer them opportunities to develop real world communication and social skills, building their confidence to achieve their dreams. The College proudly offers a wide-range of scholarships to help the students with the rising tuition costs, textbooks and fees associated with attending college. Scholarships available are based on the academic performance, financial need, extracurricular activities and community involvement and are an excellent option to help pay for college because they do not need to be repaid. Participating in our Honors Program and the national honor society allows students to grow as citizens as well as learners. Taking part in community-service activities, both on- and off-campus, prepares LaGuardia students to strive for excellence inside and outside the classroom. The Program for Deaf Adults (PDA) at LaGuardia Community College provides academic support, personal and job development counseling, registration assistance, classroom interpreters, tutors, note takers, testing accommodation, and special sections of Basic Skills Reading and Writing taught in ASL to the deaf and hard-of-hearing students in the New York area.

LaGuardia Community College makes sure that the students not only get quality education but also have an interesting school life. For that, the college offers a variety of programs and services to help the students set and achieve academic and personal goals. The student services include Academic Advising, Career Services, Child Care, Early Alert, Health Services, Peer Programs, Crisis & Personal Guidance Services and International Student Services.  The college also has a Personal Wellness Center for the students’ physical, social, academic, emotional and spiritual well being and a Women’s Center that provides supportive and educational services promoting the growth and development of LaGuardia women. The library is large and uses the state of the art technology. LaGuardia boasts of it Cyber Café where students can not only stay connected over the internet but enjoy light snack and a drink as well. For the Greek life, the college has Alpha Theta Phi, LaGuardia Community College’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa society which is the international honor society of two-year colleges. The college is welcome to students from all over the country and world and has a student body consisting of people from 160 different countries who speak 127 languages natively.  

LaGuardia is spread across an area of 1,872,263 sq. ft and has space for all. It promotes equal opportunity for all potential and current students and employees not discriminating against any individual on the basis of sex, race, national origin, color, political affiliation, religion, veteran status, sexual orientation, age, or disability status. Of the total student population, 43% are Hispanic, 22% are Asian, 18% are Black, 13% are White, and 4% described themselves as Other. With so much to offer and that too at a reasonable price, the Ashland University is definitely one of the most sought after universities. The university’s website contains detailed and current information.